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The episode starts with Shravan getting up. He has got hurt but he keeps walking. Meanwhile, Kanchan checks Suman’s fever and gets worried because it’s high and neither Damru nor Ramesh are picking up her calls.

Damru is about to enter in the house when Shravan stops him and gives him medicines for Suman. He asks him to go to give them to her but just then she remembers Suman asking Beena not to send him to get medicine. He warns Damru not to tell Suman that he sent the medicine, not even by mistake.

Damru goes in Suman’s room. Kanchan scolds him for not picking up her calls. Damru gives the medicine for Suman to Kanchan who says that she didn’t message the name of medicine to him. Damru lies that Ramesh told him.

After Damru leaves, Aneesh, Devika and other friends of Suman come to see Suman. Kanchan tells them that Suman has 103 degree of fever. Suman notices that Shravan isn’t there and asks about him. Devika says that he left a while ago saying that he had an important work. Aneesh cracks a joke to make Suman laugh. Devika is sorry for Suman because she has to bear Aneesh’s stupid pjs along with fever. Everyone laughs.

Shravan comes and smiles seeing Suman happy. She stops laughing seeing him. Shravan goes towards her and forwards a hand towards her. Suman looks at him. He asks for his book which Suman was holding. Suman moves her hands away from book and Shravan takes it.
Suman says that the class time is over, and Vijay didn’t come yet. Shravan says that they shall go to their respective houses and leaves. Aneesh asks Suman if they had a fight. He calls Shravan loser because he didn’t even ask her how she was. Suman asks him not to interfere in her matters with Shravan. Aneesh and others leave. Kanchan says that Shravan should have already asked how she was.

In the evening, Anjali serves food to Suman saying that she should have told that she is unwell. She says that Vijay is stuck at Raj uncle’s house. She leaves. Ramesh scolds Beena because she left without informing but she taunts him and leaves. Kanchan says that thankfully Ramesh brought medicine for Suman on time and just then Ramesh reveals that he didn’t because he didn’t receive any message on phone since his phone had no network. Kanchan and Suman wonder how Damru came to know about medicine.

After Ramesh leaves, Kanchan and Suman confront Damru who reveals that Shravan brought medicine and he warned him not to take his name if he wanted to see her well. He also said that he was huffing and seemed hurt because he must have slipped while running. He says that he thought Shravan was opportunistic but now realized that he is a true friend. He leaves. Anjali comes to give medicine to Suman who got teary eyed. She takes it after a moment of silence.

On the other hand, Bunty scolds Shravan for not taking care of himself. He says that he could have taken bike, but Shravan reminds him about the sacrifice according to which he won’t ride bike until Suman won’t let him. Bunty applies cream on his wound and leaves to get milk with turmeric for Shravan asking him to go for a walk on terrace.

Suman is on balcony and wonders why Shravan has done this. She doesn’t want him to suffer more because of her. She sees him stumbling on his terrace. He is about to fall so she forwards a hand towards him. Shravan notices that. Suman takes her hand back and leaves back in her room.

Shravan goes back in his room and says that today he felt pain seeing Suman in pain but he felt happy because he could help her. He crosses the date of today on his calendar. Suman does the same on her calendar wishing for something like today not to happen ever again.

The next morning, Shravan comes in the garden of Tiwaris’ house and sits next to Suman but she gets up and asks Aneesh if she can sit on his seat today. He accepts and asks about her health. He says that he messaged her because he was worried, but she didn’t answer. He asks her to call her anytime she needs him.

Aneesh sits next to Shravan and taunts him saying that Suman can misunderstand but he knew she would not keep a friendship with someone like him for long. He wonders why Suman took his seat only and didn’t ask Devika. He says that maybe she wanted to sit on the same seat which he touched. He is sure that Suman has fallen in love with him and wishes to get a kiss from her. Shravan gets angry and grabs his collar rising a punch towards him. They fight.

Everyone gets up and gathers around them. Vijay comes and stops them. Vijay scolds both Aneesh and Shravan for fighting in his class breaking discipline. Vijay leaves giving time to Suman to find out who rised his hand first. Shravan tells her that he raised his hand first. Suman tells it to Vijay who asks why he did so.

Shravan replies that it was a personal matter. He apologizes. Vijay says that he will get punished and wants to cut 10 points from his team for total score. Shravan says that mistake is his so team shouldn’t be punished. Vijay asks him to do hundred push-ups. Suman thinks that Shravan’s foot is hurt. Shravan starts doing the push ups but struggles. Suman makes him stand up and tells Vijay that she is in team too so she should be part of the punishment.
Episode ends

Precap: Shravan asks Aneesh what he will take to shut his disgusting mouth. Aneesh says that if he wins the bet then he won’t badmouth about Suman ever. Shravan is sure that he will win it. Aneesh says that challenge shall be declared in front of everyone. Later, Shravan and Aneesh with others stand in front of a huge gate. Aneesh explains the challenge.