Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Pics
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Small misunderstandings to arise between Shravan and Suman?

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The Episode starts with Suman and Shravan coming home. She says I will change the dressing. Shravan says no, I m fine. Suman says I know you are upset, you wanted on field posting. He says I got tired and feel sleepy. She says its fine. He goes. Bunty and Kanchan go on on a walk. They have a laugh. She says Beena said we should invite you. He says so it was Beena’s idea. She asks was the food good. Bunty says yes, you won’t miss me, food was tasty, thank her for dinner. She says good night, thanks for coming. She goes. He smiles.

He gets Kanchan’s message that it was her idea, say thanks. He thanks her happily. Suman sees Shravan and smiles. She writes her diary about her small world. She says if dad was here, he would have felt so proud. She recalls her dad and smiles. She writes, but I have seen Shravan and realized that I have someone who cares for me.

Its morning, Suman and Shravan get ready for the duty. She says I will change the dressing. He says I can’t be late today. She says no excuses now. Shravan says we will do this later. She says we will do it now, you shouldn’t bear pain all day. She does the dressing.

Suman asks did you meet the CO, how was it. Shravan says I had to talk to you. She says dressing is done, what is it. Jhumri says I will serve the breakfast. She goes. Suman says we will have breakfast and leave, come. Devraj and Kavita smile seeing them. Devraj says you have made us proud. Kavita says I m happy that Suman got a big position. Devraj says Vijay would be proud seeing your progress. Kavita asks what’s ADC.

Devraj says she will be assisting General Dhua, how will she handle the recommendations. Suman says sorry, its my no if anyone wants a shortcut, I can’t help recommendations. She asks Shravan what was he saying. Shravan says nothing, I can’t get late, I have to go. Suman says its Shravan’s first day, I have an imp meeting with Dhua Sir. Kavita asks them to carry the food. Devraj says get to work, soldiers. Shravan and Suman leave.

CO comes and asks how is your day. Shravan says its going good, thanks. CO says give me a chance to thank, did you talk to Suman, its imp, tell me if you talk to her, take time. Bassi comes to Saurabh and says I will take you out, come. Suman plays badminton. Shravan comes there. Ek duje….plays…

Suman smiles. Shravan says I can’t be here, I have some leg pain, you practice well, you have to win. She says yes. Gujral says your unit needs you, start sports practice, there is a big sports competition happening, she had a meeting with Dhua, she got this news. Shravan says fine, I will be prepared. Shravan goes.

Shravan says I jumped in the water and saved lives, but Dhua didn’t praise me. He shares it wit Bunty. Shravan says I m playing against you in the championship. Suman worries.