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The episode starts with Suman asking Vijay to punish her along with Shravan since she is in his team too. Vijay praises her for helping in difficult times of a companion without even the need of asking. Shravan says that it isn’t needed. Vijay says that it’s about team spirit. Shravan says that this is the special thing about his teammate. Vijay asks them to finish their punishment and come inside.

Everyone leaves except Shravan and Suman. Shravan thanks Suman and says that it’s enough for him, she can go. Suman says that they will do half push ups respectively. They start doing the push ups. Suman thinks that Shravan is hurt and now his condition might worsen. Shravan thinks that she was sick and now she must be in pain. He asks to let him complete push ups but Suman doesn’t listen to him.

After class is over and Shravan is about to leave, Suman stops him and asks him why he is doing all this. She thanks Shravan for bringing medicines last day. Shravan thanks her for helping him with punishment. She says that it was a return of favours. Shravan says that what he did was selfish as he did everything for his happiness only. Unable to make Shravan understand, Suman leaves.

Kanchan stops Aneesh and slaps her. She asks him how he dares saying such disgusting things about her sister. Aneesh tries to blame Shravan but Kanchan reminds him that she was just behind them two. Aneesh asks her not to overreact. Kanchan says that she would have told to Vijay if she even reacted. She walks away.

Suman asks Kanchan about her towel. She remembers Shravan using her towel and smiles remembering that matter. Kanchan comes. Suman asks her about her towel irritated. Kanchan gives her the towel and asks her if she remembered about her old towel. She asks Suman why she shared punishment with Shravan.

Suman says that it’s because they are teammates. Kanchan asks Suman to reflect about what is happening with her: she couldn’t bear Shravan in pain and she will even feel worse after she tells her what happened between Shravan and Aneesh. Suman says that it was their personal matter. Kanchan says that she was Shravan’s personal matter as Aneesh had said some disgusting things about her.

Suman is shocked. Kanchan says that Shravan worries a lot for her. Suman says that she doesn’t want that. She asks what she should do: should she tell Shravan that she felt nice when he worried for her last day and today bear pain just not to humiliate her? Kanchan replies yes but Suman says that Shravan might misunderstand her because she would say all this only as a best friend. Kanchan asks her to reflect if she doesn’t have anything else in her heart for him.

On the other hand, Shravan reaches home and Kavita tells him that his friend Aneesh is there in his room. Shravan goes in room. The two taunt each other and end up making a bet. Aneesh accepts to never say anything bad about Suman if Shravan wins. Shravan is sure to win. Aneesh says that they should declare the bet officially in front of everyone.

Aneesh informs Suman and Kanchan too about the bet and ask them to come in front of a certain fortress. Kanchan convinces Suman to go there as she wants to see Shravan defeating Aneesh. Suman asks if she is sure that Shravan will win only. Kanchan replies that she is sure because he is the hero of this story.

In the evening, Devika, Aneesh, Shravan and Suman stand in front of a huge gate of a fortress with some other friends. Shravan and Bunty come there too. Bunty wants to leave because the place is scary. Aneesh taunts him and Shravan. Devika agrees with Bunty that they should leave.

Kanchan says that it must be fun. Shravan tells the story of the fortress: Maya, daughter of the owner of this fortress, fell in love with a gardener Mohan but his father was against their love. Maya wanted to know if the gardener’s love was true so she asked him to spend a night in jungle where, some says that he was killed by animals, but some says that Maya’s father killed him. Some says that Maya’s soul is still there.

Aneesh explains the challenge: without using any torch or flashlight, they should go inside the fortress and they have to cross a door. Aneesh is sure that Shravan will not even be able to reach that door. Everyone will have just a matchstick. Suman says that she will stay outside only so everyone gives their wallets, purses and mobiles to her, before leaving.
Episode ends

Precap: Shravan is hanging on a streetlamp. Suman shouts him to give his hand to her. He does that. Suman rescues him. Shravan is about to thank her, but she slaps him. Shravan asks why she slapped him. He says that he did all this only because he loves her. Suman confesses to Shravan that she loves him too: she just wanted a true friendship from him but there is nothing deeper and truer than his love for her. She cries and says that she cannot live without him.