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The episode starts with Devraj scolding Rajinder for behaving in such a manner less way with his friend who was guest there. Rajinder says that even Dadu insulted him a lot and he couldn’t control himself anyway. Devraj says that Dadu is elder so he should have listened to him but not behaved like this. Kavita talks in favour of Rajinder but Devraj yells at her too. Rajinder walks away after apologizing. Devraj doesn’t accept his apology and leaves. Ragini apologizes to Kavita because Devraj yelled at her because of Rajinder’s deeds. Jhumri apologizes too just because everybody is saying sorry. Kavita says that the one who made mistake shall apologize only. Ragini asks who. Kavita looks on.

On the other hand, Kanchan tries to explain Suman that Shravan must not have had any bad intention but Suman is very angry on him and doesn’t even pick up his call. Bunty suggests him to call Kanchan and Shravan does that. Kanchan gets the call and wants to pick it up but Suman stops her. Shravan is frustrated and doesn’t realize that Kanchan has actually picked p the call. Shravan says that he has never seen anything wrong from binocular and even if Bunty apologized on his behalf, feelings were his only. He is unaware that Suman and Kanchan are listening.

Suddenly Shravan gets hit by a sandal and screams. Kanchan and Suman laugh hearing his scream. Kavita starts beating Shravan and also Bunty who was trying to defend his friend. Kanchan and Suman giggle and look at them with binocular. Suman enjoys and says that Kavita is taking revenge on her behalf. Beena comes and asks them why they are giggling. Suman hides binocular and Kanchan makes excuse saying that she was telling joke. Beena asks them to come downstairs. Suman thinks that Shravan will get his lesson tomorrow.

On the other hand, Kavita stops beating Shravan and cries. Shravan asks why she is crying as he cannot see her sad because she is the most important person for him. Kavita tells him that Devraj argued with Rajidner because of Vijay and yelled a lot at her too. Shravan says that Rajinder must have said something wrong to Vijay. Kavita says that he just said that Dadu shall go to religious trip and find inner peace in this age. Bunty and Shravan realize that it was wrong for Rajinder to say so and Vijay must be very upset. Kavita scolds him for thinking about their neighbours only and not that his family fought. She leaves. Shravan wonders if Suman knows about all this.

The next morning, Shravan wonders why Dadu is late for the class. Aneesh and Devika mock Shravan for his eye which has sign of getting beaten. Aneesh asks if he has turned into goon too. Shravan says that he can give him a demo. Suman asks Kanchan to ask Shravan from where he got the injury to mock him as it looks so perfect like done with make-up. Kanchan asks Shravan how he got that make up and Shravan lies that he got hit by dumbbell while lifting it the last day. Aneesh, Devika and Kavita mock him. Shravan wants to talk to Suman but Kanchan says that Suman won’t talk to him and he should stop calling her Sumo.

Dadu comes and says that he will hold class today and asks if anybody has any problem. Shravan says yes. Everybody looks at him. Shravan asks if Vijay has any problem. Dadu doesn’t give him a proper answer and instead mocks him. He says that he will give task to them and asks the students to follow him. Students follow him. Shravan thinks that Suman surely knows what happened yesterday.

On the other hand, Anjali talks to Vijay and asks why he didn’t go to class. Vijay says that he is feeling unwell because he didn’t take medicine but Anjali reminds him that she gave medicine to him. Vijay says that he is upset because he cannot go to camp. Anjali says that he should wait for physiotherapy to be completed at least. Dadu comes and says that he is there to report him about the class. He knows Vijay is upset but Vijay doesn’t tell the actual reason. Dadu thinks that Vijay is upset since he came back from Malhotras’ house yesterday and wonders what happened.

Shravan is searching for Suman in the house when he bumps into Damru. The latter thanks him for the red dress. Shravan is confused. Damru tells him that Suman gave him a red dress to gift to his girlfriend and thank him. Shravan recalls Kanchan telling him that he come on time so Suman won the red dress. Shravan understands that Suman had won the dress because of him and now that he is upset with him, she gave away the dress. Suman comes there. Shravan tries to talk to her but she walks away. Shravan thinks that he shall tell Suman what happened last day at his house.

Shravan goes back home. He wonders what to do and how to tell Suman the truth. He is also feeling hungry and asks his mother to give food but she talks to him rudely and asks him to get food himself. Shravan thinks that he shall convince Kavita and Suman both to forgive him.

On the other hand, an officer tells Vijay that he is recovering soon. Vijay talks with him and Suman notices that he is upset. She tells Dadu the same but Dadu says that he must be upset because of the injury. When Suman leaves, Dadu thinks that something must have happened for sure.

On the other hand, Bunty tries to convince Shravan not to tell anything to Suman about what happened between Vijay and Rajinder, but Shravan wants to tell truth. He calls Suman but Dadu picks up her phone hearing that it’s ringing and that Shravan is calling. Unaware that Dadu is on the other side, Shravan says that he wants to tell her something about Vijay and, thinking that he is talking to Suman, he tells that she shouldn’t tell what he is going to tell to anyone especially not to Dadu. He tells how Rajinder said some offensive things like sending Dadu to religious trip to Vijay who took it to heart and that is why he didn’t come to class too. He asks Suman not to tell anything to anyone. Dadu cuts the call. Shravan is relieved because he thinks Suman knows the truth now and Dadu won’t ever come to know. Dadu is very angry because Vijay is upset since two days because of Malhotras. He says that he won’t spare them.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan asks Suman from where he can get any good Punjabi dress. Suman is confused and wonders why he is asking that to her. She cuts the call. Shravan tells Bunty that he just wanted to buy dress for his mother since nobody is more important than her right now but Suman isn’t helping him. Kanchan tells Suman that Shravan might want to buy her a new dress since she gave her red dress to Damru because of him. The next day, Suman receives a parcel with a chit in which Shravan is asking sorry. Kanchan tells Suman that it is from Shravan for her for sure. Suman is happy to receive it.