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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Small misunderstandings to arise between Shravan and Suman?

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The Episode starts with Bunty asking Shravan to tell him why is he upset. Shravan says I was upset about posting. Bunty asks again. Shravan says I have saved the people, but Dhua didn’t praise me, maybe he doesn’t know that I did this, how can Suman tell him, everyone would want someone to appreciate. Bunty says Suman got the post, you sacrificed for her success, its good, right. The man gets Sumo special tea for them. Shravan says yes, I can make any sacrifice for her. He comes home.

Suman says I was worried for you, you got late. He says you worry a lot for me, forgive me. She smiles. He asks how was the meeting with Dhua. She asks him to sit. She says I was nervous before meeting him, he is so good, I got comfortable. He says I know. She says you know my heart well. He says yes, you don’t know me, I got a gift for you. He gives her a gift. He says I m proud of you. She says I want another gift. They get close. Jhumri comes to call them for dinner. Suman says the scores will be incomplete. They go downstairs.

Kavita asks them to go out together and know each other. Shravan says she has her badminton practice, we can’t go. Rajender says go before Kavita changes her mind. Kavita says you can go anytime you get a leave. Devraj says Kavita will send you for sure.

Its morning, Kanchan sees Suman’s pic and misses her. She gets Bunty’s call. Bunty asks how are you, were you busy. She says you called me, I m busy in cleaning Suman’s room. He says you would be happy to get the room. She says no, I miss Suman a lot. He says let’s bet, who misses them the most, if I miss Shravan more or you miss Suman, I also miss him, I had called to ask about caterers, food was tasty, my friend asked me about it. She tells about caterers.

She says you can come with me, what will I get instead this help. He says whatever you ask. She says fine, meet then I will say. CO says I read your file, I knew you are not an ordinary officer, you are brilliant in every field, especially sports, you will represent our regiment in the competition. Shravan thanks him. CO asks did you talk to Suman. Shravan says yes. CO says you are a smart officer, thanks. Suman and Bassi practice badminton. She wins. Shravan comes.

He says I feel Bassi is going to lose. Suman asks did you have the meeting with Choudhary. Shravan says yes, I m also participating in badminton championship. Bassi hugs him and says I will go and tell Saurabh. She asks why aren’t you excited. Shravan says I m playing against you. She says don’t be sad, its imp that you play, is our love so weak, you win or I win, we will win. He nods. She gets call from Dhua. She goes.

Kanchan and Bunty eat chaat. He asks who asks this in rewards. He asks how was the interview. She says we will know it soon, I got a chance now and thought why not, else mum will get me married. He laughs. She says I m sure your family also pushes you for marriage. He says after all that, I don’t have courage now. She asks what happened. He says forget it. Suman says sorry, you got bored, I got late. Shravan says everyone would be in line. She says I won’t let you wait again. He says I talk a lot to you while waiting, I will follow your order. They stop the car. They see Kanchan with Bunty. Shravan says maybe they met just like that.

Kanchan asks Bunty to share the reason for break up. Bunty says we will talk on the bike. Kanchan goes with him. Suman and Shravan leave. Suman comes home. She calls Kanchan. Kanchan asks how are you, how is Shravan. Suman says all fine, how was the interview. Kanchan says its in Lord’s hand. Suman asks do you like Bunty. Kanchan says what, its anything. Suman says sorry, I saw you and Bunty together in the market. Kanchan says he had some work, so we went together, I smile and talk to everyone. Suman ends call. Shravan comes and asks whose call was it. Suman says Kanchan.

Shravan says you asked about Bunty, I heard you, maybe they were together for some work, we know them since childhood. Suman says I had a question so I asked, did I do anything wrong. He says no, you are her sister, you would care. She says we will always talk openly, so that there is no misunderstanding. He says yes. She says then promise me. He holds her hand and says promise. They smile.

Shravan says I have much work in the office. Suman says come soon early, its Beena’s birthday today. He agrees. She says I can’t come, can you manage there. Shravan says I feel your work is more imp than mine. She asks why are you fighting. He ends call.