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The episode starts with Shravan asking Jhumri about her family who isn’t having dinner together like usual. Jhumri tells him that everybody had food and are in their respective rooms. Shravan is surprised to know that Kavita already ate and went to sleep since she never left without giving food to him and Avni. Bunty is eating with Shravan when he asks him to grab the two plates and follow him.

Ragini is trying to convince Rajinder to eat food with everyone else when Shravan comes there with Bunty. Ragini is happy to see them and says that she will bring roti. She leaves. Rajinder was watching something on laptop when Shravan shuts it asking him to talk with him. Rajinder says that he and Devraj always take side of neighbours when he didn’t even say much to Dadu and Devraj even said lots of bad things to Kavita. Shravan is surprised to hear that Devraj bashed Kavita too and stands up saying that even he wants to leave group studies but they want to see him becoming something, so he has to attend. Rajinder understands that he is forced and asks him not to worry and have food outside only. Shravan and Bunty leave. Shravan says that he has to do something because Kavita is so upset since yesterday.

On the other hand, Suman sees that Kanchan is tensed and asks what happened. Kanchan tells her that she is tensed because of exams. Suman offers help to make her timetable and then goes to dry her hair with dryer standing in front of mirror. Kanchan starts spying Shravan’s room with binocular. Suman scolds her but just then Shravan calls her and asks who is looking in his room. He guesses it’s Kanchan. Suman wonders how he knows all this, unaware that Shravan is able to see all from balcony. He asks Suman if she is upset after the truth he told her. Suman wonders what truth he is talking about. Shravan changes topic and asks where he can get Punjabi dress from. Suman asks why she even needs dress. Kanchan tells her that he may want to gift dress to her because she gave her red dress to Damru. She suggests Shravan to buy dress online and she will send website. Shravan thanks her and cuts call. Suman says that she doesn’t want any dress from Shravan. Kanchan asks her not to overthink and in case she doesn’t like dress, she (Kanchan) will keep it.

Shravan orders dress online and he wonders why Suman behaved like buying dress for his mother is a sin and why Kanchan interfered so much. Bunty says that he should have taken suggestion from Avni. Shravan says that he couldn’t disturb her studies. He hopes Suman is not upset after he told her that Rajinder offended her father but he is sure that she won’t tell anything to anyone and Dadu won’t come to know about it.

He is unaware that Dadu knows everything while Suman doesn’t. Dadu tells Ramesh that Rajinder insulted Vijay and asks suggestion about what to do. Ramesh suggests to confront a mature person from Malhotras. Dadu agrees and decides to confront Devraj.

The next morning, students have gathered again in Suman’s house. Aneesh give xerox copy of notes to Suman who thanks him. Kanchan pulls her leg saying that one friend is giving her copies of notes and the other is going to give her surprise gifting her a dress. Just then, Damru comes and gives them a parcel. Kanchan reads chit on the box and sees that there is an apology written on it and also Suman’s name on parcel. She guesses that it’s the dress Shravan got for Suman and gives it to her. Suman thinks that Shravan is doing a lot to get her forgiveness and smiles looking at the parcel.

On the other hand, Devraj sits near Kavita and sees that she is crying. He asks her to forget what happened yesterday. Kavita says that she is crying because she is cutting onions. Devraj says that he will cut in pieces the one who will make her cry offering to cut onions but Kavita understands that he just wants chai. She refuses to make chai for Devraj because he insulted her in front of everyone, including Jhumri. The latter comes there. Kavita asks Jhumri to make chai for Devraj and make him cut onions for dinner too.

Just then, Shravan comes. Devraj asks why he is again late for group studies. Shravan says that he has to study alone today. Kavita shouts asking Jhumri to give food to Shravan but he enacts her accent saying that he has to go out today to do something important. He walks away chuckling while Kavita complains that he enacted her. Shravan thinks that today he will make her every grudge vanish.

Kanchan notices Shravan coming and indicates him to Suman. Aneesh mocks Shravan asking why he is late again. Shravan reminds him that there is no class today. Shravan asks Suman if he received any parcel from him. Shravan thinks that it seems like she is unaffected for what happened between Rajinder and Vijay. Shravan asks Kanchan about the dress. She asks for whom it was but just then Dadu comes and says that they shall continue revision at their respective houses. Students leave.

Dadu asks Shravan if everyone is good at home. Shravan is confused with his behaviour. Dadu says that he will come to his house to thank his family as Vijay praised them a lot for the wonderful class held at their house. Shravan is happy to see Dadu impressed. He sees Damru and thinks to ask him about the dress. Dadu thinks that he will take revenge for Vijay’s insult.

Episode ends

Precap: Kanchan gives parcel to Shravan asking when he is going to give the surprise. Shravan tells her that the surprise will happen at 10pm that night and gives her and Suman the permission to spy in his room. At night, when Suman and Kanchan spy into Shravan’s room through binocular, see him giving that dress to Kavita and that he has also arranged a little party for his mother decorating the whole room with balloons and writing “best mom ever” on wall with balloons. Kanchan apologizes to Suman for giving her hopes. Suman gets thoughtful and later calls Suman telling him that she has to talk with him in the class. Shravan wonders what she wants to tell him. He smiles thinking about what she might want to talk about as she said that she can say it only face to face.