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The episode starts with Suman hearing a shout and dropping the stuff she was holding wincing. Kanchan is inside the fortress with a friend and gets scared hearing the scream. She wonders who shouted. Suman picks up the stuff she dropped and sees her and Shravan’s picture in the latter’s wallet. She asks why he wants to increase difficulties for himself after she said that she doesn’t love him back. She wonders if she should leave.

Devika is inside the fortress and gets scared feeling someone’s presence. It’s only Bunty. She slaps his shoulder as she got scared because of him. Devika asks Bunty to remove his hand from his shoulder. However, he has not place any hand on her. They turn around and see no one. Both shout getting afraid.

Suman hears the scream and puts the picture she got from Shravan’s wallet in her pocket. Devika and Bunty come outside. They say that everyone else went ahead and they were left behind. They tell Suman that there is seriously a ghost inside and now darkness is coming too.

In the meantime, Shravan has reached Aneesh who indicates the wall on which both of them should walk. It’s a high one so Aneesh warns Shravan to be careful as the wall is not stable and they should not lose their balance as if one falls down, none will be spared. They go upstairs on wall. Aneesh pushes Shravan who falls in the yard. He bashes Aneesh for cheating but Aneesh says that everything is fair in love and war.

Meanwhile, Kanchan is afraid and asks her friend to hold her hand. They wonder where Shravan and Aneesh are. Kanchan says that they might have reached the roof and are about to go upstairs when something flies near them and they scream.

Bunty gets scared seeing a shadow coming out of fortress but Suman says that they are just Aditya and Kanchan. Aditya has got hurt. Suman and Bunty immediately grab the first aid box to do his first aid. Kanchan says that he fell from stairs.

 Bunty says that the place is scary. Aditya says that the place is surely unsafe and he is scared for Shravan. He reveals that Aneesh removed tiles from the wall which means that Shravan might not see a hole and slip getting hurt. Bunty slaps him and is about to rush inside but Suman stops her and says that she will go. She goes inside.

Shravan and Aneesh are walking on wall when Suman comes and asks Shravan to come back since Aneesh has removed tiles and it might be dangerous. Aneesh taunts Shravan saying that he can go back as he will just lose a bet.

 Shravan says that nothing is more important than the bet for him now. Suman tries to convince him to give up and says that she won’t forgive him if he continues. Shravan asks why it matters for her since she doesn’t care anyway.

Shravan goes ahead but slips and falls. He hangs to a lamp. Suman rushes to him asking him to be careful since there are cactus underneath. Aneesh is shocked because he didn’t know about that. He asks them both not to move as the wall might not bear both their weights and he goes to get help.

Aneesh goes outside and informs everyone that Shravan is in danger. He calls the emergency number.

Suman forwards a hand towards Shravan but he refuses to hold it because it might be dangerous for her. She asks him to grab it if he trusts her but he looks away. Suman asks why he cannot do anything for her. Suman holds her hand and she pulls him up. Title track plays. Suman holds Shravan’s hand while he walks ahead and both of them go down.

Aneesh comes and sees Shravan and Suman standing in front of each other. He is thankful because Shravan is fine and says that he didn’t know about the cactus. He compliments Shravan for winning the bet.

 Suman scolds them both for risking their life for a bet, for their ego, without thinking about their families. She asks what the bet was about. Aneesh asks Shravan to answer but he sends him away saying that he has won so he can leave. Aneesh leaves.

Suman confronts Shravan asking him why he did all this. She asks him how he would have felt if she had put her life in risk. He puts a finger on her lips and then removes it after a short eye-lock. Shravan says that he loves him so he would not be able to live without her.

 He asks Suman why she did all this as she put her life on sake for him, without thinking about her family. Suman replies that she did what she felt right at that moment. She turns around and is about to leave but Shravan keeps questioning her about why she cared so much. He keeps asking her.

Suman turns around and asks him to forgive her. She blames him for keeping hurting her and wishes they had never met. She hopes the eight/nine days left pass quickly so that she won’t see his face again. Shravan leaves after saying that she won’t ever see his face from that moment itself. Suman cries.

Meanwhile, Beena and Ramesh are in the room. Beena accidentally hits their frame but both she and Ramesh hold it. Ramesh says that she matters for him the most and he didn’t come to take her because he wanted her anger to get calmer.

 Beena says that she came back because she had something very important to tell him. She reveals that she is pregnant. Ramesh gets very happy and excited and wants to tell the news to everyone but Beena stops him wondering how Kanchan will react. Ramesh says that they will find the right moment and then tell. They hug after Ramesh asks her not to worry.

Bunty and Kanchan get relieved seeing Shravan and Suman coming out. Bunty hugs Shravan while Kanchan hugs Suman. Shravan asks Bunty to get his bike. Aneesh asks everyone to rush outside before anyone comes. Suman is crying.

Kanchan asks her what happened to her. Everyone leaves. Suman forwards a hand towards Shravan seeing him leaving on his bike with Bunty. Kanchan goes to get their scooter as well. Suman cries and asks herself why she couldn’t answer Shravan.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan overhears Suman crying over the fact that he decided not to show her his face ever again and wishes she could tell him that she loves him too. Shravan confronts Suman who finally confesses that she loves him too.