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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Suman, Shravan and misunderstandings!

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Episode begins with Kanchan and Suman talking on call about Beena’s birthday. Suman asks Kanchan to tell Beena that she forgot her birthday but Kanchan asks why? Suman says I want to plan a nice surprise party by bringing both families together. Kanchan says great idea. They end the call.

Beena comes to Kanchan and asks what was she doing. Kanchan says I was talking to Suman. Beena says did she say anything? Kanchan says nothing special just the general thing. Beena gets sad and says she has changed now and doesn’t remember. Kanchan says oh you are asking about your birthday, it didn’t feel like she remembered, should I call her to remind? Beena says let it be. She goes. Kanchan explains the plan to Veer and Ramesh.

Here, Suman asks Shravan to come home early. He says he has work, Suman says please for me come, as today is Beena’s birthday and I want to give her a surprise. Shravan says okay for you I can. Suman says yay I am happy. Shravan says I will come early but other arrangements you will do. Suman agrees. At the dinning table, Malhotra’s are having breakfast. Kavita says let’s have something nice for dinner.

Just then Suman comes and says good morning, today is Beena’s birthday so I planned a surprise party tonight. Chachi says my sister has this thing where a a guy’s family is coming to see her so I can’t come. Kavita also tries making excuse but Suman says for me please come and I will be there with you then you won’t have any trouble for sure. Kavita agrees. Here, Kanchan asks Bunty for catering help and he says no need to hire anyone, I will make everything. He gets happy that he will spend more time witb Kanchan.

While working, Suman tells her assistant to not take any appointments for evening as she needs to leave early. Here, Shravan asks his boss for leaving early, he says that Shravan is not practicinh well for badminton and they all expect good results from Shravan. Shravan says I will surely win it sir and leave. Suman comes to Shravan who is near his bike and says you leave, I will reach directly as I have a little work. Shravan says okay.

Suman says and gift.. Shravan stops her in between and says I have already ordered and now I need to pick it, I have taken so many rounds of your house that I know everyone’s favourite thing. Suman says that’s true but I still don’t know your family’s favourite things. Shravan says don’t worry you will soon.

Here Beena is asked to get ready like Kanchan and Ramesh are. First Beena is hesitant but then agrees. Here, Malhotras are ready and Shravan brings the packed gift and they all leave. Here, Beena is sitting on the dinning table and asks who is in kitchen? Kanchan says no need to know you just enjoy. The bell rings and Kanchan deliberately asks Beena to open the door. Beena goes and sees the Malhotras, she gets happy. She also gets to know that it was Suman’s idea so she becomes happy. Here Shravan sees Bunty and teases him.

Everyone is happy. Beena then says it’s getting late let’s cut the cake but where is Suman, she is not even picking up. Shravan says it’s Suman’s call I will seem Suman tells Shravan that she is sorry and the work got piled up, and asks him to handle sometime more. Shravan says yes your work is work and not mine, I am handling the family, I will do the same. Suman thinks why did Shravan get angry?

Precap: Suman asks Shravan if he is angry. Shravan taunts and says why will I be? Suman says I know you are angry and I will solve it by doing whatever you want me to do. Shravan asks Suman about his boss’s posting request.