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The Episode starts with Rajender saying Shravan didn’t come in there. Devraj says I told you, my son will not come, I hope that everyone has seen it and heard it. He taunts Beena. He says you were shouting a lot, see your family has become a joke today, I told you, my son will not go against you. Beena says Suman should know this truth. Kavita says Shravan didn’t come. Rajender asks Devraj to come with him, its about Shravan. Suman says Shravan didn’t read my message, I m worried but I know he will come. Beena and Ramesh come. Beena says he won’t come.

Beena says don’t know I should be sad or sorry, you left your family for that guy, you chose Shravan, you did this mistake, you don’t back to Tiwari house again. Bunty asks her to listen. Beena scolds him. Kanchan says you are doing wrong. Beena slaps her. Suman worries. Kanchan cries. Ramesh asks what are you saying, children aren’t elder than parents, we will see their tight and wrong. Suman says you know Shravan, he is in real problem, else he would not do this, he loves me a lot, he is stuck in some work, he will come. Devraj comes and says Shravan won’t come. Suman worries.

Devraj says Rajender told me the truth. Rajender sees Suman. Devraj says we knew this marriage will happen today, I got to know this, Rajender told Shravan, I know when you got a choice, you chose Shravan, but Shravan chose his family, I really feel bad for you, what happens if trust breaks, I can understand. Bunty thinks Shravan can’t do this. Devraj says you and Shravan have to move on, choose family-like Beena said. He asks Bunty to tell Shravan. He leaves with his family. Suman says Shravan can’t do this with me, he is in trouble, he loves me a lot, he will come. She cries.

The man calls her out for the turn. Ramesh takes Suman home. Suman worries for Shravan. She says he would be fine, I know he will come. Kanchan asks her to have water and calm down. Suman asks did you call Bassi. Kanchan says I called him but…. Beena says don’t get mad after Shravan, he broke his promise because of his dad. Suman says no, he didn’t leave me, we love each other a lot. Beena says I can’t see her state, someone get her to senses.

Ramesh says she is in mental tension, she will be fine, give her time. Suman says I m fine. Kavita says Shravan didn’t ask me before marrying. Devraj calms her. She says call him home, I need to talk to him. He says his phone is not reachable. Kanchan says Bassi has come, I have seen his car outside Malhotra’s house. Suman runs. Beena and Ramesh ask her to stop.

She goes to see Bassi and major talking to Shravan’s family. Kavita gets dizzy knowing everything. Suman asks what happened, did you get any news, where is Shravan. She says he told he he will come. She says uncle, you told me that he chose you than me, but I m also imp for him, I know he will come, am I wrong, did Shravan break the promise given to me, what happened to him, where is he.

Devraj says no, you aren’t wrong, I m proved wrong, Shravan was going to come to you, but he couldn’t come, because he went on a mission at night, he didn’t come back, he is missing. She gets shocked. Bassi says Shravan and his entire unit are missing, we didn’t get any news from them. Suman says I knew he is in trouble, but you all didn’t listen. She recalls his words. She faints down. Devraj holds her. Beena and family come. Beena takes Suman with her.

Suman says I will go away from Shravan’s life, pray that we get Shravan back, once he comes, I will not marry him and never meet him.