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The episode starts with Suman confessing to Shravan that she cannot live without him as she loves him. She asks him why he isn’t speaking up and if he is still angry after listening to everything what she said inside. Shravan says that she didn’t want to see her face and even slapped him. He calls her Suman. The latter says that he called her by her name and shows her cheek asking to take revenge for the slap if he wants. He smiles and playfully slaps her cheek gently. Suman says he really did that. Shravan says that he can’t disobey her and she had said that favours shouldn’t be kept for long. Suman smiles and asks him to tell her that he loves her too. He says that. She gets happy.

Suman says that she should leave but Shravan doesn’t want her to leave so soon. Suman says that she didn’t say to anyone that she was leaving. He asks whether he can go with her till her door. She agrees. They leave outside. Bunty sees them together and wonders how it happened.

Shravan and Suman smile at each other. They are happy. They meet Devraj and Kavita outside. Devraj asks whether Suman came to help him to pack his stuff. Shravan lies that she came to return his book. Devraj si sure that he won’t read even a word once he goes to Indore. Suman’s smile disappears. Shravan says that exams are coming and he agrees that he won’t study there so he should cancel the idea of going to Indore. Suman gets happy again and leaves. Shravan goes away with the excuse of unpacking. Devraj and Kavita are confused by Shravan’s behaviour but Devraj says that they should let it be since their son is like this only.

Shravan goes upstairs happily. Suman is literally jumping with joy while going towards Tiwaris house. Shravan goes on terrace. Title track plays. Both of them are extremely happy. Shravan looks at Suman from the terrace. Suman looks at him too. He doesn’t want her to leave but she gestures that they will meet later.

In Tiwaris’ house, Beena and Ramesh are thinking to postpone the party for the baby’s arrival since Suman is still unwell. Aneesh and Devika are worried that Suman might reveal about last evening. However, Suman comes and is very cheerful. She says that they shouldn’t delay the welcome for the baby and asks Damru tu put music on. She drags everyone to dance, including Vijay, Anjali and Dadu. Kanchan is happy to see her real Suman back.

At the same time, Shravan goes to his room and starts dancing happily too in front of Bunty. He asks him what kind of dance he should perform.

Suman tells Kanchan that she wants to tell her something. Kanchan says that she knew something happened. However, before Suman can reveal her anything, her parents call her so Kanchan has to leave. Suman is very happy to see her family happy. She keeps smiling.

On the other hand, Shravan shares with Bunty how happy he is feeling, like he got another life after getting love. He says that the genuine “I love you” is something else and lets himself fall with back on bed. He is very happy. He cups Bunty’s face saying that he sees Suman everywhere. Bunty is happy to see him joyful too.

Shravan gets a message from Suman who thanks him for making her recognize this feeling as she is very happy and apologizes because he had to leave after his parents come. Shravan says no sorry and thank you between them. Suman asks him to call if he is free. He immediately calls her saying that he is always free for her. She asks him to come on terrace and he immediately goes there.

Suman says that it’s better to talk seeing his face. Shravan replies that she only wanted excuse to see his face. She asks whether he would have really left if today she hadn’t come after apologizing for saying all the hurtful things that took him to take the decision to go to Indore. Shravan replies maybe. Suman asks him to promise that he won’t ever leave her, no matter what, as him and her family are her whole happiness. Shravan says that her family is not going anywhere and he is taking guarantee for himself so he is promising her full happiness commitment. Both talk happily. Suman says that they should leave. However, they are not ready to cut the call and keep dragging the conversation. Suman says a final bye.

Shravan is about to go back to his room when Bunty comes out and pulls his leg saying that he should have talked longer. He says that he is so happy to see him like this, happy and blushing. Suman witnesses their fun and laughs. Bunty and Shravan go inside.
Kanchan come to Suman and asks her to tell her everything since she cannot wait anymore. She asks her whether she talked to Shravan. Suman hugs her.

On the other hand, Vijay applies oil on Anjali’s hair and they talk about the baby’s arrival. Vijay says that he has never seen Suman so excited. Anjali asks him if he told her about his joining news. Vijay says that he should confirm with doctor before telling to Suman. He is happy to re-join the camp. Anjali says that she understands his excitement and the reason why he didn’t tell Suman yet. Vijay says that he cannot see her sad.

In the meantime, Suman shares everything to Kanchan and tells her what happened. Kanchan is disappointed that they didn’t even hold hands or hugged. She says that she should plan something. Suman is madly in love and says that nothing was wrong and it was the best moment of her life. Kanchan pulls her leg and hugs her saying that she is so happy to see her sister in love like normal people. Suman lies on bed saying that she has to wake up early to study. Kanchan calls her boring and goes to sleep too. Suman smiles recalling her moments with Shravan.
Episode ends

Precap: Suman says to Shravan that they should return home before lessons start as last week of group studies are going on and she cannot miss any lesson as Vijay said that he is going to teach important things. Suman sits behind Shravan but he suddenly stops the bike. Suman asks the reason. Shravan asks her to put her hands on his shoulder like usual. Suman does that. Shravan says that now the balance of both his bike and life is fine. On the other hand, Vijay comes in the hall to hold lesson but Suman and Shravan aren’t there yet. Vijay asks where Suman is. Suman is still with Shravan.