With viewers seeing Shravan in dillema, now they will see a drunk Shravan. Shravan and Bunty will be drinking, where Shravan will reveal that he does gets affected by all the problem around him. Shravan drinks a lot and lands up in Tiwaris. He forgets that he has a home too and pretends as the PG. Suman sees this and gives him the new key. Shravan behaves as if he has same old hate relation with Suman. But later on they have a light moment.

Devraj will call Shravan and this will bring him to senses. Devraj will see Shravan coming from Tiwaris. Devraj will taunt him but Shravan will start saying things about Devraj ans his ego. But after a point Shravan will realise he said a lot a would go to room.

Beena hears the news that there is a buyer ready to give 20 percent extra than market value. She gets happy and doesn’t ask the name. Suman gets sad. Suman takes Ramesh to one side and says how this house belonged to their family from ages and how can he let it get sold. Ramesh ignores her. Here, Shravan asks for apology from Devraj. Devraj asks Shravan to come with him. Shravan, Rajendra and Devraj go to Twiaris. Everyone is surprised seeing them. Rajendra reveals that they brought their house. Rajendra puts forward two conditions infront of everyone how they have to empty the house in two days and they can’t take anything from here. Kanchan and Suman reacts but Rajendra brainwashes Beena saying they are getting extra money so start a new life. Beena taunts Shravan saying everyone wants a new start only. Suman asks Shravan if he also thinks so. Shravan will be all silent.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Ramesh will be going to read the files before signing but Beena would say to just sign. Shravan will propose to Suman for marriage.

With viewers waiting for something big like this proposal, are you viewers geared up? What will Devraj do now? Is it a real proposal? Keep following this space for more.