Erica Fernandes, is currently seen in Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 playing Prerna. She has gained lot of appreciation about her styling sense. Erica has always maintained a nice image of her in-front of audience.

She is a gym girl and knows the important of health. We can see that she is more into self care by seeing her YouTube channel where she posts videos of skin care and styling tips for her fans.


From the very initial stage of her career Erica is always looked forward to for her amazing dressing and styling. Whether it be any award function, or an event or a party , Erica is always up and experimental with her looks and style. This actor always knows how to present herself and how to love her self well.

Recently, Erica is seen starting a new fashion trend in the TV world. We see her more into ‘Puff Sleeves’, she has starter a trend by posting a lot of pictures on her instagram handle of she wearing kurtis, shirts, tops and dresses with puff sleeves. After these uploads, she received so many appreciation for this style and fans even started getting inspired by her instantly. This shows how powerful her fashion sense is.

Now, the puff sleeve is more about the dramatic over-sized shoulders and sleeves. those are so flattering, so flirty and so fashionable. The puff sleeve emerged in early 1990s . This trend has gone off and on but it never gets outdated. Now we see Erica taking the legend of Puff Sleeves forward.

Erica who is always appreciated for her best know- how in fashion is now looked as a role model by many. We hope Erica brings more new trends like this for viewers to follow. Let us know in comments your view about this new trend started by Miss. Fernandes!