When it comes to Ekta Kapoor’s show, fashion freaks watch the show to update their style.


In her shows actors are always up to date with the latest trend and inspire the people outside to style their looks and appearance accordingly.

The style quotient in Ekta’s show is highly high that excellently matches the perfection and fairly depicts the characters personality well! When you go a little back you will find; it was first in the Ekta’s show where vamp was given a big bindi’s and dark lipstick to enhance the personality more.

Now if you look the styling of the Ekta’s current on-going show Kasauti Zindagi Kay, fashion in the show is appealing. Right from Prerna, Komolika, Nivedita to Mohini each female characters looks graceful and stylish.

Prerna ( Erica Fernandes) in the show is currently seen opting frill saree. Whether green, red or yellow Prerna’s style in the show adds more elegance in her simple and soft attitude. Prerna keeps her make-up minimal her sarees are either floral or plain.


Coming to Komolika ( Aamna Sharif)– her style in the show is level up. The pant style saree is already in trend and without a doubt Komolika carries it in a most modish way. Her look highlights her vampy traits more. And don’t miss to notice Komolika’s  stylish nose ring that is gorgeous and beautiful.

Nivedita Basu’s (Pooja Banerjee) style quotient is way out!. The way she drapes any saree and puts big round bindi along with long necklace; she surely forces the people to copy her style. Nivedita is bold and straightforward and her styling defines her character well.

Mohini (Shubhavi Choksey): Mohini is a kind of negative or extra- possessive for her son and to emphasize her character well, Mohini’s typical Bengali look is on point.

So which Kasauti Zindagi Kay actress style you like the most. Share your views in the comment section below.

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