Ali Hassan who made a comeback with Rajan Shahi’s Ye Ristha Kya Kehlata Hai speaks about life and career!


Which was your last show?
 Sasural Simar ka
Character details in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.
My character’s name is Akhilesh, and he is the lead Kartik’s uncle. He is really a sweet and loving character who absolutely adores Kartik. He looks up to Kartik as his own son, even though he has his own sons in the form of twins.
 How is it working with the twins on the set?
Oh, it is lovely! The twins are a bundle of energy! They perform amazingly well. They are never tired and I love working with them because they are always so enthusiastic.
 The show is very popular. Comment.
Yes absolutely it is popular, and it is only getting stronger. And hopefully the new family will attract more popularity. The new family is a confident team. The new faces will definitely make the show better. Everyone is happy and all seems good on the set!
You are quiet maintained in terms of looks and personality. Comment.
Yes, I have to because this is the face of the screen. That is the precursor for any actor. It takes a lot of gymming and taking care of self to remain well maintained and look good on the screen.
Why do you choose to be low profile. Don’y you think jo bikta hai wo dikhta hai?
Ye, that is true. But I also believe in “Accha kaam hi dikhta hai“. My character will be seen in this show, and it is the substance of that character which the audience are willing to see. I also believe in “Kaali dhol jyaada awaaz karte hai”. So I try to show the audience through my roles. But I also know that I need to be more social and be aware of the media. Nowaday I am also constantly updating my facebook and Instagram.
Anything else you want to highlight about yourself?
Actually I was kind of on a sabbatical before Ye rishta. So coming back, getting a chance like this I want people to see my role. I was out of the picture because I was choosing some particular shows. But now I want to stop procrastinating, I hate this about myself and I want to change the habit. I want to paint and do pottery again which I had stopped for some reasons. I want to show a different side of Ali Hasan to the audience, and I am sure more passages will open for me.


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