Ishk Par Zor Hain actress Akshita Mudgal impressed the audience with her performance by playing the character of ‘Ishki’. With show going off-air, Mudgal is high on emotion. When we reached out Akshita, in an exclusive talk with us IPZ actress confessed that the off-air news is really heart breaking. She explained she was happy when the show got extension. But hearing the off-air news for the second time it is not less than a double shock for her and all. Akshita says she cried hearing the off-air news and she is clueless what she will do on the last day shoot of the show.

Moving on when we asked Akshita what she will missed the most about the show post it’s off-air. Mudgal revealed she will miss shooting, her make-up room and everything related to the show.

Ahead, Mudgal revealed what pulled her towards taking the character of Ishki. Ishki’s fighter attitude attracted her and she bagged the character. Show Ishk Par Zor Nahin with its each track bring a moral lesson, which impressed her and she said yes to play the character of Ishki.

Talking about her moments with Param Singh, Akshita quote “Singh is cute and she is fond about him”. Param is very good and she feel blessed to have him as a co-star.

Along with the show, Akshita also talked about her acting journey and what type of roles she wants to do in the future. With thanking her fans for showering so much of love, Akshita concluded the interview. Check out the full IV below. Like, Share and Subscribe.

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