Ansh Bagri has been loved for his performance and portrayal of Rocky Khosla in ‘Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji’.

We recently got into a conversation with him about the show, its abrut ending and his future endeavours. Read our interview to see Ansh getting candid on every front.

Let’s talk about ‘Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji’. The show saw a very abrupt ending. Was it disheartening?

No, see in a daily soap there isn’t anything that’s decided until and unless its a finite show. A lot of things depend on the channel. TRPs, channel’s requirement a lot of things has be considered. Our show was doing above average and was the slot leader. So, once the ultimatum comes, we just have to finish the show in the boundaries of what we have been showing so far. The show was always about Happy and Rocky, so they meet and live happily ever after. As an actor I am happy to be able to free to explore new characters again.

As you said you are looking forward to playing new roles. What kind of roles do you really want to pick?

I would like to do something that excites me. Otherwise, it will be tough for me to carry on. The more you work, the more you learn. So, I want to work and learn be it on TV, web or films.

Now that the show has ended, are you reading any new scripts?

I am but I don’t have any official announcement to make just yet. Whenever I will be up again with a new project I will confirm it myself.

How was the experience working with Jasmin Bhasin?

Jasmine and I came to Mumbai at the same time. So I knew Jasmine since the beginning. We have shot together before also. So, our friendship was different. We are very comfortable with each other. Also, our chemistry was great. In fact, our chemistry was one of the main reasons why the show lasted as long as it did. It came out of the mutual respect we had for each other so it helped us in building the chemistry and also when you work hard, it shows. In future also if there is any good project I wouldn’t mind working with her again.

Right now you are free. So what are you doing in your free time?

It sounds free but a lot has been going on. There are meetings to attend and other work. Plus, I am working out regularly. When you shoot, you don’t get much time to workout so I have been focusing on my body. Also, as an actor I am watching web series at home. I make sure I keep myself busy and learn everyday so that when I get back to acting I can incorporate those things and show more involvement.

Since you said you have been watching a lot of web series, can you tell us which are your favourite series?

I was recently watching The Family Man. I watch a lot of English series. I am a big fan of Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad. I also love Modern Family, Friends and Dexter.

Any talks for any new web series?

I got two-three offers but it did not excite me. I do not want to do any such show that is just made to attract audiences by tapping the fantasies. As long as I am acting, I am okay with any good content. It doesn’t matter how small or how big it is.

What do you want to say to your fans?

I will say to all my fans that I am giving my 100% to meet you all soon. Be it through small screen or big screen or mobile screen. I am working hard to come back to you all. Thank you so much for all the love and support you guys have showered even after the show’s end and hopefully very soon I will able to share some good news with you all.

We wish Ansh all the best for his future and you guys tell us your views in our comments section and till then let’s get biiiizzzziiinnn’!!!!