By Gossips Tv : Colors TV is all set to enthrall its audience with exciting new launches, and one of the much-anticipated shows is “Krishn Mohini,” featuring Debattama Saha in the lead role along with Fahmaan Khan. The show is slated to premiere post IPL 2024, around the end of April, and is expected to occupy the coveted 10 PM slot.

The buzz around “Krishn Mohini” has been steadily building, especially with the release of intriguing promo featuring the talented actress, Debattama Saha. While Colors TV recently unveiled promo for other upcoming show like “Lakshmi Narayan,”

Debattama Saha, known for her remarkable performances who was last seen in Zee TV’s “Mithai” , is set to take the lead role in “Krishn Mohini,” promising to deliver a captivating performance. Paired alongside talented Fahmaan Khan. The show aims to offer a unique and engaging viewing experience for the audience.

While the 10 PM slot seems to be finalized for “Krishn Mohini,” it’s worth noting that Colors TV is known for its strategic slot allocations, often influenced by the TRPs of ongoing shows. Therefore, while the slot appears to be set, official confirmation is still awaited from the channel.

Fahmaan Khan, known for his remarkable performances, is set to return to the 10 PM slot on Colors TV after the success of his previous show, “Dharam Patnii.” Paired alongside the versatile actress Debattama Saha, who has garnered praise for her acting prowess, the duo is expected to deliver a captivating on-screen chemistry, adding to the anticipation surrounding the show.

With its intriguing premise and talented cast, “Krishn Mohini” holds the promise of becoming a must-watch for viewers seeking engaging television content. As the countdown to its premiere begins, fans eagerly await further updates and an official confirmation of its time slot from Colors TV.