Hello readers! As you all know, we conducted a chat session – #AskVivian where, you guys sent the questions for your favourite Vivian DSena. We received more than 3000 questions and our team had a hard time picking the best 20 out of them but glad, we were able to do so, somehow!

@HarmanSaumyaFC We are loving you As Harman which quality of Harman you love most?how do you describe HaYa? what do you love most about HaYa?

He is not judgmental about trans genders and he is very righteous. he always stands by the truth. Haya itself speaks a lot. Haya means “Sharm”. There has to be Haya in a love story. That is there between Saumya and Harman.

@AlpnaPrinces Will you tell about the word ‘Gulabo’? Was this too was your Creativity like “Biiwee”?

Yes, Gulabo was also my invention because I wanted her character to have a name which signifies his love for his beloved.

@rimzz24 Any moment happen with you on the set of Shakti which you will never forget?

I think one of the best moment was when Harman gets to know that his wife is a transgender. The whole breakdown of emotion in the show was very nice. I had a lot of scope to perform there as an actor.

@sarbari643 Your expectations from Harman character have you ever expected it would be acceptable for Indian mindset & loved by all?

Initially, I had expected that it won’t work and people will think it is crazy that how can he fall in love with a transgender. But I am grateful now to God and to the audience that they have accepted such a character in today’s time where transgenders are not accepted.

@NiharikaShuklaa Describe all Your characters in One sentence…. Abhay, RK & Harman?

They are all played by heart.

@sweetyvdian01 You love pranks please share your favourite prank you have played on Shakti’s set ?

There was this one time when we had to shoot outdoor and we had to reach there at 8 in the morning. I was stuck in traffic and was about to reach in five minutes. Then I just called up the production and told them that I had just woken up. They all freaked out. The reaction was mind blowing when I reached the set in five minutes.

@aparna_bharti05 These days some fans are having clashes over Abhay, RK and Harman’s character.What would you like to say them?

They are all played by me. So it is the same genre. There are no clashes about.

@SupporterVivian Vivian do You remember any childhood pranks for which u were scolded the most by your mother ?

There was this one, but I was not scolded by my mother, I was scolded by my uncle (Mama). I had put Bernal cream on my sister’s head because she put moisturiser on my head.

@Somapyaar You always say that your mother is your biggest critic.. Which character Of yours she loves most?


@Twinkieeee14 You are such a great actor & kindhearted person, how you handle negativity in your professional life?

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so the negativity did not kill me but made me stronger.

@vivianfanlove How about handling the baby in your arms? What is the feeling working with baby we have seen baby was smiling with you?

It was nice. I remember my childhood days when my little sister was born and I used to take care of her and I always wanted a sister or brother, a small baby whom I can take care of.

@ShiamaaHasib Which role of yours you were doubtful about but it turns out to be successful(all of them R) ?if there is one why you were doubtful?

I was doubtful about Harman because people have already seen me in superficial characters years and years, The image was sort of built in. So I was doubtful that people who have seen me as a superficial character might not accept me as a guy next door but it worked thankfully.

@NouraanUsama Would you tell your Egyptian fans who are still yearning for your visit if it’s gonna be rescheduled anytime soon?

Not anytime soon because I don’t know when and where the next event is. So if some event is going to take place, I will surely love to visit Egypt.

@VDArabicFans To be an established actor you need to be able to measure your success& build on how do you evaluate success within your role?

As long as people are loving what you are doing, people are loving the character that you are playing, I think the job is done. Success does not come only with good acting, it comes with playing the role with your heart. You need to feel what you need the audience to feel about.

Duygu Sahin   @DuyguSahin01 · What is the thing you miss the most about your childhood ? #AskVivian @RahulSuthar27

Everything, going to school, playing football with friends, summer vacations, getting drenched in rain, the moment when we used to play football in the first rains. Life was much more peaceful in childhood.

Rose die for Vivian   @rosedieforvivi1 · When will my life @VivianDsena01 come to Bollywood films ? waiting very eagerly

I don’t know.

@mohmand_Seema What kind of director , do you want to work with?

The day any Bollywood maker whom I can convince with the role that my audience will get convinced to see me in that role. So it is a big process. I would like to work with directors like Imtiaz Ali, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, etc.

AaditriSingh @AaditriSingh01 What was the first gift you gifted Your Mumma with you own money? #AskVivian

A Cellphone.