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Just Showbiz brings an exclusive fan chat session for highly popular and very handsome hunk Ravi Dubey. Readers, find the questions from the various fans and excellent answers by our very own Jamai Raja. 


RD’sFans @Ravian- Describe your Haters in one word


@NikoMishti -If not be an actor what would you be

I would be somebody who wants to be an actor.

@GoDavina9 How does it differs to be working with Nia to working with Shiny. By the way you are my all time favorite actor

Thanks a lot Devina. You are so sweet. Both of them are different, I mean they play different role.They both are very good actors. Working with both of them is a great pleasure and equally good.

@TeamRaviDubey How do you feel about your fan clubs

They bring lot of positive imagination in my life. I feel high gratitude towards all my fan clubs.

@Surbhi_1902 Any two qualities that you would like to interchange between you and your onscreen character Satya.

First will be the vibrant nature of the character. Secondly, he is very selfless.

@Ravicia1  Sid always used to say that wealth means nothing to him and its his family which matters the most to him. Do you believe the same?

Absolutely wealth is something which is temporary. It can only give transient satisfaction. Definitely my family is my top priority my parents, my wife, my dogs are my bonds.

@Churri Rahman (USA) Do you think there is anything such as a big or small role.What is your view as an actor?

Definitely in terms of magnitude and duration roles can be big or small. But in the sense of an actors investment, performance and effort, no role is small or big. An actor needs to commit to role assigned to.



@ravisidnii  How do you feel knowing that you are an inspiration of people around the world?

I think there is no greater feeling of joy when people may find any inspiration, joy, propel from my life. There are so many people in my life whom I consider as my inspiration.

@shreyara00005 What is your favorite scene from Jamai Raja?

It is really tough to point out once scene as my favorite. But the initial phases like the romance and understanding between my character and his wife in the show. The equation between a son-in -law and a mother-in -law were really too good and my favorites.

@sargunholics What is something which really makes you proud of Sargun?

Sargun has lot of great traits. She is the reason why I am where I am. She has probably changed my life

@Chejal xo  What kind of roles you always wanted to play?

Roles like Dustin Hoffman as Raymond, Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump,Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln are my favorites roles. I would love the put my feet in somebody else shoes. I would love to do a biopic.

@JessSidni Tell us something about your next movie?

Its around the corner. I am very very excited about it. It is religious satire and highly entertaining.


@Mahisapnama Would you like to do any reality show like Khatrron ki Khiladi is being offered?

Khatrron ki Khiladi I think is really good and challenging show. I think challenging oneself mentally , physically should be something everybody will like. I shall love to challenge myself and do a show like Khatrron ki Khiladi.

@rd mamatha  Since you love children very much, if you get a chance which character would you love to play for them?

I would like to play both Appu and Raja from the movie Appu Raja.

@dmsmgohil  Do you read all tweets that you receive from your fans? and I love you. 

I read most of them if not all. Ha ha ha I love you too, but unfortunately I am taken.

@ravidubeyFC What is your favorite travel destination?

My favorite travel destination is my home. I am extremely happy at home.

@SaraviUniverse   As you have played lot of characters in JR, are you inspired by someone and how do you take that inspiration in daily life?

I got inspirations from many of the roles.For example when I played the role of women in the show I got inspired by Robin Williams and Kamal Hassan. I am really holistically inspired by all characters of Jamai Raja. Not only inspiration I wish I can entertain like Govinda.

@_neha004  Which is your favorite dish by Sargun?

Sargun is an excellent cook. I really love whatever she makes. One day she prepared mutton curry and Roti which are still on my remembrance.


@aakanshadhoot4 Which role did you love the most?

Karanveer and Siddharth Khurana in Jamai Raja.

@Sharma09Anjali  What kind of person you are in real life?

Very similar to Siddharth in Jamai Raja. May be Siddharth has more patience than me.

Just Showbiz – You have received Dadasaheb Phalke award, so what was your instant feeling or emotion came in your heart at that special moment.

The first emotion was really gratitude. I was totally filled with gratitude. I felt that I held in my hand an accomplishment of my hard work.


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