Hello readers! As you all know, we conducted a chat session – #AskHelly wherein you guys sent the questions for your favourite Helly Shah  who is highly appreciated  for her role Swara in colors tv Swaragini

We received hundreds of questions and our team had a hard time picking the best 20 out of them but glad, we were able to do so, somehow!


§ÑËHÅ   @snehak23 First thing that comes to your mind when you wake up early morning and how you plan your day?

I have a small Ganpati photo behind my bed and also in front of my bed, first thing I do is pray to that picture and then starts my day.

A RSHI [email protected] Who is the closest friend in TV industry?

Bhawini, Aditi and Akanksha

@ennasonaa Since you are foodie, is there any restaurant or destination you want to try on?

I am foodie but I am choosy as well, I have not planned or think about such thing. I can eat from anything even roadside thella too.

Imtiyaz Ali  @Imtiyaz21649386  In every success there is someone who plays a key role, any person who has played a key role in yours?

Family and God has helped me in my journey.

VaHe Ki Soumi   @swasan_forver What is in your travel list – In India or Outside India?

In India – I want to explore south, I heard it’s beautiful and I also want to explore north east like Darjeeling. Outside India I have a very long list.

Nadia amin  @NanniNadiaa What would be a good theme song on your life?

I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it.

Helly_Shah_Gang   @Helly_Shah_Gang Share your best off-screen memories with Tanima Sen who played her onscreen grandmother in Swaragini Serial.

She is such a sweetheart. I remember when she came to Mumbai, we met then and we also shared room and used to chat a lot all day. She used to teach me Bengali and ask me to eat fish as it is very healthy. She was very fond of non-vegetarian food and used to ask me to eat too. Once she also got a jacket for me. We have lot of good memories and we do keep in touch sometime even now. We missed her a lot when she left serial.

Anusha bhatta @bhatta_anusha Tell us the funniest thing that happened to you recently.

Oh we do lot of masti on sets all the time the funniest things happens everyday actually on the set I think the funny thing is I keep on dancing all the time on the set and our director sir says “ho gaya tera !ab chal kaam kar” (laughs)

Rachna @RachnaKu  Whose style you follow.

Nobody but I watch lot of stuff and I like Alia bhatt , I find her super adorable. I like her styling and also Yami Gautam’s style.

Helly Shah Admirers @HellyS_Admirers If given a chance to be part of remake of a serial or movie, which one would it be?

I think Seeta Geeta, especially it would be challenging to play double role and that too totally opposite characters so ya it would be interesting and challenging experience.

Adore Alyssa @Adore2Alyssa  What sickness do you lie about when you are not in mood to go to work or school.

No I won’t do such a thing. I am really dedicated to my work and indeed workaholic.

 Abirami  @abi_helly What did first thing you bought for your family with your first salary?

I don’t remember much, I just remember I kept little amount in my temple for donation.  I was really young so don’t remember much.

amsiddique9  A moment of your life that you want to repeat?

It’s not a moment but I just miss my school life. Everyone feels that way that they want to relive their school days once again.

S:U:M:I @sumiphuyal_ How you feel about adulation of so many fans around the world?

It really feels special and especially from social networks we get to see and feel that love being showered by people around the world. It feels great to know that people actually take time out of their busy lives to think and write lovely messages to someone who you just watch onscreen and they like your work so much. It is really encouraging.

Helly’s Destination  @helly_universe Most valuable lesson that you have learnt from your acting career.

Some time you learn a lot while portraying a certain character. I have learnt a lot while playing Swara, I wasn’t that confident girl and used to feel hesitant while speaking out for something. Swara taught me how to take stand on things and be on the side of truth.

HellyMyHeart    @HellyIsTheBest If you want to change one thing in your life, what it would be?

I think nothing as I love my life as it has been. With everything that happens you learn something or the other and it helps you grow and everything you earn is from your own hardwork.

hellyshahfeeds This fan’s birthday is on 10th March and she wants helly shah to wish her. Which country you love?

I love my India. Secondly I want to wish this person a very happy birthday and whatever you people do for me I really am thankful and I hope you get everything you wish in your life.

Devanshi SwaSan  @HeValicious Your father is lawyer, have you ever wanted to be a lawyer like your father?

No never, I was interested in medicine and if ever anything else I would want to be doctor when I was growing up.

Lalo Dz @LaloDz5   What you have to say to your Arab fans and love they shower on you?

It lovely to get adulation from around the world. I am unable to read their messages written in Arabic but with their smileys and some English, I do feel their love and support and I know that many people in Arab countries follow Devanshi online and they got connected to storyline. It feels great to see acknowledgement from around the world.

Chandni Mishra mischievous_grlWhich kind of character would you love to play – witty ,arrogant , stubborn types ?

Witty and arrogant types

Navya Navya_3 How you manage decisions among different suggestions you receive.

I take suggestions from many people and listen to their advice but in the end I do what I want to do.

simmi @smile_simmi What kind of role you are looking forward after Swara

I’m  already doing a show now after Swaragini and I think Devanshi is way far different character than Swara so I am happy about it and also the change (smiles)

   One word to describe Sachim sir, Tanima mam and Alka

Papa (smiles) he is like my papa and we share a lovely father daughter type of bonding , Tanima mam is super fun to work with and is too adorable, she used to tell me that I am like her grand daughter  and Kaushuji (I call alkaji – kaushuji) is someone from whom you learn something new everyday, she is just too good and also an awesome company  I am very close to her,  I share everything with her.