Hello readers! As you all know, we conducted a chat session – #AskGuru or#AskGurru where, you guys sent the questions for your favourite Gurmeet Choudhary. We received more than 3000 questions and our team had a hard time picking the best 20 out of them but glad, we were able to do so, somehow!

Let’s check out who are in list of best 20!!


OMG!! Building 8 packs and then maintaining, both were very difficult. It sounds good, it gave me good looks but forming 8 packs is tedious job. To achieve one must follow diet, doing gym thrice a day, taking proteins at interval of two hours was tough. I used to keep alarm and get up in nights to follow that strict diet proteins after every two hours. It was hard and then maintaining it another rough thing. One cannot cheat, can’t take sweets. When I was shooting in Georgia, it was difficult to manage because I couldn’t get what I needed but results are great. Songs have come out beautiful.


I would prefer content then director and then producer. For me content of film is most important. If I am satisfied by content, I always check who is the director of film because he will be making the film. These two things are in priority and if producer is also good, then it’s the best trio.


I receive lot of energy from negative comments as I convert them into positive energy and work hard to achieve. Benefit is that you can prove the people who are talking adverse about you wrong. I believe in moving on avoiding all pessimism.


It was difficult to play lawyer. When Vishal convinced me to play lawyer, I was thinking I must prepare myself a lot and I did. I read few LLB first year books, watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies of court room drama, done rehearsals on sets, done rehearsals in costume, to prepare myself. I wanted to know who is Ranveer Bajaj (character name of Gurmeet in movie). By the time, I was ready to shoot, I knew everything about this character. It’s because of my homework that I could pull off court room scenes perfectly well.


(Thinking)…ummmm who would play me? Well!! who can be better than me to play in my own biopic. If I am given a chance to manage I will play every character in every scene. I will play even the people who give passing in scenes. In fact, I would love to appear as even kelewalas, dhoodhwals etc. So, I vote for myself. (Laughs)


It’s very important that actor should know about lens. When you are shooting, sometimes it’s a long shot, sometimes it’s a close up shot, so an actor has to perform accordingly. In close up scenes, when lens is very close to face, an actor must not overdo the expressions because it looks bad. Contrarily when the camera is focusing on full shot, an actor can use body language, expression can be little louder. I keep all this in mind and I learn which I don’t know.

When I was shooting in Georgia and I had a bare body shot. I took around 1000 dips to look best in that shot which reveals my 8 packs. When I reached on sets I was told to lift a tyre and keep on shoulder and I had to give a passing. When I tried lifting it, it was extremely heavy and I failed. Later 2 persons assisted me and put that tyre on my shoulders. More difficult was that I had to give an expression that I can lift 4 such tyres. Worst happens that it took 7 retakes to get that correctly. Honestly, later I couldn’t attend my gym because my shoulders were paining. That one shot is a painful memory. (laughs)


Ummmm… (Thinking) There was a court room scene and I was very seriously sitting on sets. Sana came and she is such a lively girl that she started doing her masti. When the camera rolled down, I started rendering my dialogues. There is always a point where you must take a pause in between dialogues. Whenever I was taking that pause she starts her own dialogue. She used to feel that my lines are over, so she rendered hers. It happened repeatedly. Since, director didn’t said cut, we continued. Later I discussed with Sana that I should take pause. Sana said if I’ll take a pause, then she will start her own dialogue. So, that was craziest as I felt scared that if I take pause, she will start her lines.


Outstanding!! All four songs are melodious. Title track is my favourite.  Then classic Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass… which is been remixed and sung by Arijit Singh.  I love his song. He sung for my first film Khamoshiyan too and my favourite since then. I feel he is my lucky charm. My songs are hit because of his voice. Mahi Ve is again soothing. In fact, all songs are great but Wajah Tum Ho is in top of my list.

I love and respect a lot Rajni Sir. He is like God. I remember when I was studying in Chennai, I went to watch shoot of a film. That was my first experience with this reel life. I am super fan of Rajni Sir from day 1. Forget about full-fledged role of villain, if I get a role of a passing in his films, I am ready to do that.

I want to do some work from which people can learn. I want to work for society like for orphanage, cancer patients, or to help poor and needy. As an actor, people know me. But I want to be remembered as a good human being.

Family. They are my extended family. I am here to increase my family. A family wishes you on your birthday, pray for your betterment. My fans do all this for me so they are my family. I am emotional for my fans. I remember, few years back a fan who used to tweet me a lot and I don’t remember whether I have replied or not. Later I discovered she met with an accident and she is no more. I cried and couldn’t able to sleep for 2 days. Then I wrote a lovely letter and tweeted for that fan. If they all are praying for my growth, I am praying same for them.




Ummm ….ahhh (Thinking) There has to be good box office result.

Court room drama was difficult. The body language, the expressions and poise of a lawyer was something new for me. To feel the scenes and render it was tough but luckily it went well.

I don’t remember the exact location but it was in Mumbai. It was for a TV show wherein I come with a rose in hand and tell to the leading lady (don’t want to take her name) “aap iss Gulab ki tarah khoobsurat ho” and I exit. That was first scene of my life.


There were difficulties playing the lawyer but my home-work removed all difficulties when I reached on set to give shots.

I would say I will give to myself. I haven’t got for films so I will certainly consider myself. (laughs)

It depends. If requirement of a film is of 8 packs, then morning and afternoon an hour each and two hours in evening. If I am busy and not having much time, then morning an hour is enough.

Coffeeeeee…. Anytime coffee. I love black coffee. I want to have it so please send. I will give you address not mine but I will give Rashmi’s address. (laughs). Please send to her all gifts which you want to send.

he film stars Gurmeet Choudhary, Sana Khan, Rajneish Duggal and Sharman Joshi in lead roles. Directed by Vishal Pandya and produced by Bhushan Kumar of T Series, film is much awaited release of year which is on next Friday 16th December. So what are you waiting for, grab your tickets.

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