Hello readers! As you all know, we conducted a chat session – #AskParam where, you guys sent the questions for your favourite Param Singh who is highly appreciated and on demand due to his role as Randhir in Channel V’s popular show Sadda Haq. Param will be seen one of the highly anticipated show Ghulaam in Life Ok as Rangeela.

We received hundreds of questions and our team had a hard time picking the best 20 out of them but glad, we were able to do so, somehow!


Ankz (Ankita Prasad) @Ankita_Prasad30- The difference between the roles you played as Randhir Singh Shekhawat and Rangeela , which one do you feel is more challenging.

I think every roles has its own challenges. Both Randhir and Rangeela were challenging. Randhir is like a normal going, ambitious college going guy who had some family issues.While in Rangeela I play a Ghulaam. There are lot of action sequences, changed my looks a bit, my body language and my accent to some extent. For Randhir it was more of portray of emotions while in Rangeela it was more of attitude and body language. So I always believe that every character is different and has its own flavor.

Preet Gill @preet_gill0915 –  How is your journey from a normal person to a popular celebrity.

I do not think there is much difference. I do not take it too seriously. I love to provide my 100% and try to complete the assignment. My friends and family treat me in the same manner as earlier. I read good things about me in social media and thank all for this. All I may say is that I enjoy doing my job.

IconParamSingh @priya3590 – If you get a chance to play any mythological character , then which character would you like to play.

I do not know (Ha Ha Ha, laughs). I have never thought about it actually. But yes May be Lord Shiva. I really loved the mythological series Mahadev. If I was to play a real character, I would like to play a strong personality like Bhagat Singh. Basically I never thought on this way, whenever I like a role I am ready to portray myself into it and provide my level best.

Khushi Arora @KhushiKlph_2002 -If given a choice what quality of Randhir Singh would you like to adopt for rest of your life

I really appreciate that Randhir always stood for what was right,I try my best to follow this on my practical life.He was a nice,loyal and pure guy.I would always want to adopt those qualities to maximum extent in my life.Even Rangeela is a nice, loyal person who has become a  victim of circumstances and experiences. On my real life I want to do all positive qualities of my characters.

Bhumi Shah @bhumi5192shah – What would you like to say about the hastag  #AgarKoiKhassHaiToWohGhulaamHai#

I just want to thank everyone for trending this has tag over Twitter and making it popular.I am really obliged and thank all my fans for supporting me.I thank Life Ok for providing me with a break. I shall try to provide my best. Hope I really do well and feel like #KoiKhaasHaiToWohParamHai (laughs).

Bhagyashri @xploring_life- Apart from acting what is that which excites you the most.

Apart from acting I really like music, musical instruments ,EVM. I am passionate about music and musical beats.
I also like to keep myself healthy and fit. I like to do yoga and meditation.I am passionate about Life and I love to live it to the fullest.

Parshholic Sudesna @sudesnamukherj3- Please let us know one of the best moments that you want to frame for your heart

There are lot of good moments.Life is all about moments.Like when I did my MBA in London,when I got a break in the show and the show became a super hit.The good admirers and good people I came across in my journey so far.There are also many good moments in my family too.

Aya Khan @AyaKhan – One word to describe your co-star Vikas.

A co-star.

ParamRetweets @magarimole3- Who is your favorite actress?

I am not a hard core fan but yes I like good characterizations like Vidya Balan in Kahani 2 ,Kangana Ranaut in Queen , Tannu Weds Mannu. Anushka was also really good in Sultan.I appreciate everyone and I believe everyone is highly talented.Many things depends of the movie and the characters which the actors portray.An actor is also known because of her good choices.

@SanDhirObsessed- If you were the director of Ghulaam , whom would you have chosen to play the lead role.

Param laughs , I think it would be Param Singh. I can not choose anyone , as I may be needed to take the auditions.I might have suggested Ranveer Singh would be a perfect match to this rough and tough character.


Nikitha @Nikitha_iyengar- Would be like to view your future or experience your past and what would it be.

No No, I  want to live in the present and live in the moment.

Dr. PrakritiSharma @NatureAtBest – In which grnre Ghulaam belongs to, is it a love story,thriller based or just an another conventional story.

Its a well scripted drama full of action, thriller, emotion and love.

 Sana Shaikh @16sanaashaikh – if you disagree with someone about something important which tactics do you use to convince them.If you choose 5 possession what would they be.

I do not use any tactics, I just try to put my points, if those are not accepted, I then just stop and ignore.My best 5 possession are : my family, my friends,my sanity,my hard work and my admirers.

LIFE @anjaliliti – How is Niti as a co-star.

She is good and I can improvise with her. We both are much into our characters and try to play our role. She is a co-operative co-star.

Pree @smileys_x – Which bird/animal do you think describe you the best and why.

I think I am a dog. I am loyal to people. I cannot be a pet. Maybe donkey also because I like to work hard.

Nehaa for Parsh @ParshKi_Neha – Any specific role  you want to do

I want to do challenging roles, different roles. Basically I would love to play characters which basically not me.
Then it would be like fun, magic and achievement for me.

Amritha @amrithalakshmi3 – Character of Randhir Singh Shekhawat won so many hearts,what can fans expect from Rangeeela.

I think Rangeela will win more hearts. I have really worked hard. I hope all the best for the show. I hope people will love the character and overall the show.

Ghulaam @GhulaamFC – What aspect did you see before signing for Ghulaam

Basically I liked the story , as it is different from other shows. I really liked my character as it was really challenging playing the role of a ghulaam. There are lot of shades in this character and he has to travel through a roller coaster ride. I really appreciate the work of the writer and his vision. I also have a good liking about the producer and the entire team. They made really good shows earlier.

Debjani Paul @Debj_puja – What does ‘Success’ means to you 

It really means everything to me. I am highly passionate towards my work. I really want to be successful. I want my family to be very happy and everyone around me to be full of happiness. Generally I wish that the world becomes a better place. I hope if I may be able to  change somebody’s life.

ParSh Lover @lover_parsh- What was best thing about Harshita Gaur as a costar that you miss the most?

I actually like everything about Harshita. She is like a buddy to me. We are good friends,  she is a nice girl, very co-operative. I used to have a lot of fun, hangouts with her.

From JustShowbiz – Please tell us one thing about you which is unknown to your fans.

I am not a very nice guy that you guys think (laughs). I am a normal guy who is basically nice till anybody messes with me I am Randhir Singh Shekhawat or Rangeela. I have a short temper which I haven’t shown it . I don’t take shit from anyone.

Just Showbiz wishes Param Singh a great luck for his upcoming show Ghulaam..