Hello readers! As you all know, we conducted a chat session – #AskVikram where, you guys sent the questions for your favourite Vikram Singh Chauhan. We received more than 2000 questions and our team had a hard time picking the best 20 out of them but glad, we were able to do so, somehow!


Runaway Bride @tellymaniac • Nov 11 @JustShowbiz One of your favorite scenes from #JNDSD that you wish you can do it again #askvikram

I mostly loved all the scenes I did with Kailashji, and I really miss him. My scenes with Vividha were also very nice and close to my heart. I think my favourite scene with Vividha would be the first scene where she crosses me while I’m on the bike and her dupatta comes over my face. That’s a scene which I really enjoyed doing, even if I see it today, it gives me goosebumps. With Kailashji there’s a scene where I come to his home and give him a 10-minute lecture on samaaj. These two scenes are very close to my heart.

Shweta @SSA110205 • Nov 11 @JustShowbiz #Askvikram Deos he believe in Soulmates like Vitharv in real life???

Yes, of course I do. I think all these stories are inspired from real life. Somewhere these stories do exist and that’s how they come into reel life. I completely agree that in real life there has to be some ViTharvs out there who actually have a love story just like Vividha and Atharv.

Tanu @tanu_jitin2305 • Nov 11 @JustShowbiz @vikram_the_Leo #askvikram when did u first know u wanted to become an actor?

When I came to Mumbai I was working for a law firm and on weekends I used to give auditions. I loved doing drama since my school days but I never realised this was something I wanted to do as a profession. I may have been really scared at that point to tell the world, my parents and colleagues that I want to be an actor due to the many hindrances in our customs. I was academically strong so thought I could be a good lawyer. But when I became a lawyer and realized this is not what I wanted to do. Thankfully I switched my field.

Kiran @SKThind • Nov 11 @JustShowbiz @vikram_the_Leo is there any scene that has left a deep impact on you even after pack up? If yes which one? #AskVikram

Atharv as a whole has left a great impact on me in a positive way. I think Atharv is a perfect guy, how a man should be, who should stand by his girl and stand for what’s right. Most of us today don’t do that. I think I’ve learnt a lot from Atharv and am still trying to take a lot from him.

VIKYA KI BIWI @jain_tanima • Nov 11 @JustShowbiz One line that u use more often! #AskVikram

I thank people and show gratitude a lot these days because there are so many JNDSD fans sending greetings and good wishes. Every time I see a cake, a message, or something on social media, I keep on saying thank you. That is something I’m doing more often now and I’m actually enjoying it.

hiitsshomaila @shomailaqamar • Nov 11 @JustShowbiz hi vikram , how challenging it was for u to play diff shades of atharv&which shade u liked playing the most so far #AskVikram

Challenges in portraying a character bring out the best in me and so far unstable Atharv has been the most challenging. I am enjoying it as I get to know myself better as an actor and explore my skills. I’m loving child-like Atharv because as an actor I am getting so much to play, new things to do and there is absolutely no monotony in this character. I could somewhat relate to characters I have played in my life before this, for example in emotional or angry scenes I could relate them to a past life incidences and perform. However, I had no idea how mentally unstable guys should be and how I should perform so I googled a lot about it. I watched raw footage of people in mental asylums, how they are treated, and how they do works of their day-to-day life. I went to  few asylums here in Mumbai and I grasped a lot. That’s how I started playing Atharv. Initially, it was difficult because there is a very thin line between overacting and acting and one need to find the balance so people understand he is unstable, so that was quite challenging for me.

ReenaReem @ReemReena • Nov 11 @JustShowbiz is there any difference between #Atharv & #VIkram? if it’s so what’s that? #AskVikram

There are many differences actually because fortunately, I have not seen the emotional baggage and turmoil that Atharv has seen in his life.  I am also not as love deprived as Atharv is. In terms of similarities, Atharv is someone who is very clear with what he wants in life just like me. I am very clear on what I want 3 years or 5 years down the line, and how I should go about it.

itsaditi.. @achtterjee789 • Nov 12 @JustShowbiz @vikram_the_Leo if you have to describe #6MonthsofViTharv in one sentence what it would be #askvikram

A beautiful romantic journey, that is what Atharv & Vividha jodi is all about. People are loving them and I personally love Atharv & Vividha and the chemistry we have. I didn’t expect it to be that great, but this is something which is now a landmark on television.

ŔÌMÁ @rima_rimmy • Nov 12 @JustShowbiz @vikram_the_Leo one person whom u want to thank, who made u possible to be here in this life situation ???? #AskVikram

I would thank my parents because they invested in my studies, they thought I wanted to become a lawyer, they sent me abroad for my Master’s and to work. When I told them I don’t want to be a lawyer I was surprised to see they actually supported me in following my dream. I really want to thank them – it was difficult for me to work for something my whole life and struggle again in a new field, and this wouldn’t have been possible without their support.

sneha ghatage @sneha_ghatage • Nov 16 @JustShowbiz @vikram_the_Leo What is the one question you ask yourself often? #AskVikram

I often ask myself what could I do to improve and do better? If I want to grow and get ahead of the curve in terms of competition I tell myself I need to be better and improve my acting skills.

sharmideb If you were a fan but not an actor of JNDSD which character would be your most favorite? #[email protected] Can you please say Hi by my name? #AskVikram @justshowbiz …. Sarangheoooo

Hi Sharmi! My favourite characters would be Sujata & Kailash. Atharv too if someone played Atharv as well as I have!

(ArohiBinti&Tithi)vitharv_shivik- Describe Vitharv & ShiVik in one word #AskVikram @justshowbiz

It is very difficult to describe them in one word because they are completely different.

Anjali&Shriya : One question you dislike to answer? #AskVikram

I dislike when people ask about my personal life and my girlfriend and all. I keep both personal and professional life on two different levels. And ya I don’t have a girlfriend just to clear it off.

Sia, Steph&Nirma – How Challenging it is to alternate between 3 character and then be normal vikram once you’re done shooting ?

It’s very difficult to be honest. When I drive back home I am behaving like the character. When somebody passes by, at times I react the way in which mentally unstable Atharv reacts. I go home my parents ask me that why am I behaving like Atharv? They advice me to behave normal. They say,  “You’re Vikram now, you’re at home, stop taking your tongue out!”. (laughs)

It is very difficult that after 12 hours of shooting and behaving like a completely different  person, someone who is mentally not stable, making different faces. Suddenly after 12 hours it’s completely normal, it takes time. It’s only when people tell me to stop because I’m Vikram right now then I realize and I come back to me.

Nirma&Steph :-How you have mastered this new Arthava? Was there any inspirations?

There was no inspiration, just a character brief of how Atharv should shape up. I did my homework, mostly for the unstable part of Atharv and I hope I am doing a fine job with it.

ria_kapoor2809 – What is the most beautiful thingg u like about jananadilse door? Who is ur fav actor in show?

The most beautiful thing is that it is a story that is not daily saas-bahu drama. It’s the romantic journey of Atharv, Vividha and Ravish, and how these three will end up and what will happen to their lives. It is very emotional and something very different to what viewers have seen on TV. At times we move away from the plot because of TRP race which is also important. However, there is a main storyline which is always there and there are people like me who want to see the show for that beautiful story. Keep watching the show, you’ll love the journey when it ends. My favourite actor in the show is Shilpaji.

aaliya_tabassum – Which character was da most difficult for u to play??#[email protected]

I wouldnt say it was difficult but yaa it was challenging and as an actor I should do challenging roles because that are the ones that bring out the best in me. So far the Atharv is the best role till now because before doing this role i had no idea I will be able to pull off so well.  I explode as an actor and loved it.

 amil1118 – What is your personality like in real life? #[email protected]

I don’t talk much, I am a very good listener and I am not hot-headed like Atharv. I am very calm and composed and stay away from fights and arguments. I like life to be simple and easy-going, and am lazy when things are not related to acting. I like to lie down, go to a beach and stay there for the entire night, watching the sun and listening to the waves and nature. I just want to trek, I think all the fans know that Vikram loves mountains!

moumita.shi – What kind of sickness have you lied about for not going to shoot? #AskVikram @justshowbiz

Shooting for me is like going to play cricket, I love it. If someone asks me if I’m tired after 12 hours of shoot I’d say I’m ready to do another 12 hours! I love to face the camera and this is like a game for me – like we were in school excited about playing games, that’s how I feel shooting. I would hate to stay at home or go out or do anything if I could be shooting.

shubha_indee -Hi 🙂 Almost every day you are facing camera, what skill do you think you are lacking in yourself & want to learn that? Any scene or situation you felt till now in your acting career, that was really hard to perform? #[email protected]

Acting is an art you can’t learn completely, you have to unlearn a lot of things to learn what acting is all about. I’m still learning, every day there’s a new challenge and a different way I could have done things. To be honest, I am never satisfied when I see any of my own scenes

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