Showbiz is all about fashion and what is trending. Celebs style and others copy. Their clothing, makeup, hair do, accessories and even their shoes is under scanner of fashion pundits. Just ShowBiz asked celebrities few questions about fashion, trends, their habits and what are their picks. Here’s what handsome  Sourabh Raaj Jain shares his secret to remain trendy. 


What fashion means to you?

Fashion is comfort and ease. 

What would you like to wear when you go out casually?

I would prefer wearing Jeans and T- shirt/Shirt. 

Which color best describes you?

It will certainly be Blue and White.

Do you remember how many pair of jeans you have in your cupboard?

I have around 7 pair of jeans. 

What will be your choice for friend’s party?

It shall be Jeans/Trouser with black T-shirt/Shirt. 

Are you a brand person?

Nope but some brands fit really well.

Do you dress to look unique or to fit in?

Neither! I am not attention gainer through clothes, guess my height does the job ??

Have you ever bought some thing which may not be your choice but it’s trending?

I don’t follow any trends.

Do you follow fashion trends and international fashion?


What is one thing that readers would be surprised to read about you?

There is no surprise element when it comes to fashion.

Who is your favorite fashion icon?

Amitabh Bachchan for his style.