Nazar male lead Harsh Rajput is facing hardships in this heat. He has to work under scorching sun with twice the energy. Harsh is playing double role in the show and is facing lot of difficulties because of that. He work shifts doubled.  He has do his scenes twice and in two ways. Not only that, the handsome boy have to look doubly handsome too (wink).

Just ShowBiz asked the  talented actor about the hardships he has to face while shooting for double role. He says, “It’s extremely difficult to shoot during summers. We are shooting for the fight sequence between Ansh and Karan in the outdoor location in sweltering heat, literally. Since I am playing both the characters, I need to put in double efforts.” 

The season of dehydration and stroke is going on. Summer is always difficult for outdoor shoots. An actor has to take proper precautions before stepping out. We asked Harsh about he is taking care of his hydration. The hazel brown eyed actor says, ” I am drinking more than seven liters of water. I am also taking lot of nimbu and nariyal pani to keep myself hydrated.” 

It’s always been tough for a normal being to face sun. Several people fall sick. So, we asked how to beat the heat. He smiled, “Eat fresh fruits, loaded with more water content. Consume curd, cucumber, other things which keep your body temperature normal and if possible, don’t come out of home. (laughs)” 

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Harsh Rajput who has done couple of shows including hit show Saath Nibhana Sathiya as Prakash is presently busy with Nazar on Star Plus. His costars in the show are Niyati Fatyani and Monalisa.

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