#Exclusive Helly Shah : I will try my best to give my best to the characters

Helly Shah, a 23 year old gorgeous actress of Indian television who rose to fame with her stint as Swara in Swaragini is finally coming back to small screen after a break of more than one year with LSD Films’ show on Star Bharat. The actress post her show Devanshi on Colors was seen in various programs as a guest or special appearances. She did a short film called “Happy Birthday” in between the gap. Her new show named “Sufiyana Pyaar Mera” is going to air from today on Star Bharat where Helly will be seen playing a Muslim girl character opposite Rajveer Singh who was last seen in “Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka” .

We got in a candid chat with this pretty actress to know about her characters in the show and the graph of the characters. 


Tell us something about your characters in Sufiyana Pyaar Mera.

I am not allowed to reveal much about my characters yet but surely they are very different character from what I have played till today. Saltanat have unique personality than others. Saltanat is a very happy go lucky girl, but at the same time she is determined about her morals and rules. She is not ready to compromise her wishes. She doesn’t blindly follow the society and speaks her own mind.

Kayanat, on the other hand is very indecisive. She will do whatever she is told to do. She is a simple, GOD fearing girl. She is actually a character which is totally white. 

Your previous show was a romantic genre, then why you have chosen same genre again?

I don’t think my previous show is based on romance. I mean the romance element was there but compare to this show it was lesser. This one is a blend of romance and drama with lots of surprises.

What are the main qualities which you like in Saltanant and Kayanat?

I don’t think there is any particular element about Saltanat that I like. However, I like her as a whole. The character is so beautiful and fascinating that I fell in love with it immediately after listening brief. Saltanat has all the qualities to be liked for and I am really enjoying myself while playing the character. From Kayanat, I do like her simplicity. 

What is the common thread between Helly Shah and Saltanat and Kayanat?

The common thing between me and Saltanat is none of us follow any taboos with blind eye. I don’t like to follow trends rather I prefer doing what I like. Then, none of us can stand wrong. What is wrong is wrong for me and the same is with Saltanat. I prefer living life on my own terms just like she does. Honestly, I am less of Kayanat and more of Saltanat. I mean, I have shades. 

How is the experience of working with your co-actor Rajveer Singh?

He is great, amazing and very humble. We had a lot of good time shooting together and then we do our lunch together as well. We do share a very good bonding.

What took you so long for your comeback?

I was looking for something different after Devanshi. I want to do something which is diverse and challenging. I got offers from various people but I wanted to take up my own challenge so I was waiting for the right time to come. Playing the character of Saltanat for me is like one level up of what I was doing all the while. It’s a challenge for me and I will try my best to give my best to the character. I feel that this is the right show and I have scope to showcase my acting talent more in this show.

How was the reaction of your fans about your comeback with a new show?

Fans are very happy and contained with the character and the show. They are eagerly waiting for the show to start. They wanted me to make a comeback with something good and fruitful. Now when the promos of the show are coming, my mentions are filled with compliments and appreciation. So all I can say is they are really happy (giggles).

When it comes to the muslim religion women, the clothing and the jewelleries are totally different from us. How do you manage that?

I really loved the outfits and jewelleries I am wearing for the character of Saltanat in the show. The Sharara and white kurti and chandbalis I got to wear for the promo shoot and I was very much happy and excited. Even personally also I liked chandbalis a lot, it goes perfectly with any kind of dress and the clothes I am getting to wear in the show are beautiful and attractive.

Do you think that the clothing and jewelleries are being termed and restricted to certain cultures and religion? What is your take on this issue?

I have never confronted such a situation till now in my life and I do have a good collection of chandbalis as I really liked them and it goes with all my traditional and modern outfits. I think it gives an all total different look to your outfit and at the end it’s me who is going to wear so whatever I like I am gonna wear that.

What message you want to say to your fans?

I just want to say the show is very nicely made and crafted. It has got different concept and unique story line. The show has a lot of potential to do well on charts and moreover I think people can get to see something fresh. The show is going to be very special and it has element of surprises for the audience. Initially the show is slotted for Star Plus but then it changed and scheduled in Star Bharat. Anyways I am not worrying about all this right now and I am really thankful to all the fans for the love and support they given to us. I just hope they liked the show and nothing more I can ask for currently.

Team of Just Showbiz wishes Helly Shah and the entire team of Sufiyana Pyaar Mera all the very best for their new journey.

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