By Anil Merani| Keerti Nagpure is enjoying her stint in the Zee TV show Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan. She first played Mohan’s( Shabir Ahluwalia) dead wife Tusli’s ghost, and now Tulsi has returned as a living being.

I am getting a lot of shades to play; at times, Tulsi is a sweet wife in front of Mohan, and at other times, she is evil. I am getting a lot of love for my performance and the new look from fans and family.”

 “I enjoyed the ghost bit, for she was very protective towards Radha. She wanted to do much but could not do it. This new negative avatar is a 180-degree change. Few actors get a privilege to play both positive and negative roles in the same  show,” she added.

 “The show is currently veering towards Mohan’s back story. How the second wife, Kadambiri (Swati Shah), entered the picture. Also getting unraveled are other secrets of the Trividi’s household , which are being lapped by the drama-hungry audience,” informs Keerti.

Keerti, who has been around for a decade and has done four or five leads (Parichay and Desh Ki Beti Nandini, etc.), says, ” The main mantra to hang out around TV for long is to be grounded, if you fly around, your history. The universe has returned my favour by giving me constant good work. ” Her last notable work was Kuldeepak ( & TV).

Also, one should not crib about the long shifts, for we are blessed to be working. When we don’t have don’t have work, don’t we run pillars to post for auditions? There is a mad rush of fresh talent waiting for the  break,” she says.

” I remember I would shoot nonstop (not going home) when I was the lead. Luckily, work in Radha Mohan is divided, so we get enough breaks.” 

She would love to return as the main lead.” Even here, I am the negative lead, shooting for many days. For the moment, I have my hands full with Radha Mohan.”

Keerti was very patient, for the early ghost avatar was hardly visible. “I am a pragmatic person who knows that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. But yes, it was a challenge as I had to shoot solo. But my ability to pull it off convinced the makers( LSD Private Ltd) that I could do a negative role also despite having a soft face.”

She is also open to the web. “I might not be ready for Dare Bare, though,” ended she.