By Anil Merani| Popular actor Hiten Tejwani is enjoying the limited Sony TV series Pashminna – Dhaage Mohabbat Ke,

“My negative character, Avinash Sharma, has many layers regarding his actions and why. With the show wrapping up by next month, let’s see what he does on his return.”

We finished the Kashmir schedule (shot for over four months) earlier, knowing it would be tough to shoot in winter. We are doing a little leftover shoot in Mumbai.” says he.

What is the public feedback you are getting?

“They mostly want to know how Avinash can be that evil? that he wants to kill his daughter. They need to understand that for a power-hungry man who thinks he is God, anyone who obstructs him must go,” says Hiten, who has been around the TV scene for over twenty years.

 “I am happy with my Pashminna performance. The above hate mail indicates that I have done my job. If, during the shoot, I felt that I had gone below par or over, I would redo it. Multi-camera setups allow for more scenes in quick time.” says Hiten, who had done Bade Ache Lagte Hain 2 before his current project 

 Any fears of typecasting as a negative lead?’

 “As an actor, I always want to try something different. I don’t overthink; I am only concerned that I should be self-satisfied with what and why my character is doing on screen.”

“Given the limited TV space, the most important thing is to make the characters enjoyable. Unlike before, the story moves at a super fast speed today. “

“Lastly, positive characters can’t go beyond a line, while negative characters can go anywhere. You get exciting scenes every day, so it is fun. Creative teams see me in different roles, and I will try to do justice to every role. says he

Next Hiten has a web series that might drop on Amazon Mini.

It is an exciting half-explored concept, So there will be a lot of exposes ” adds Hiten who has done several OTT projects like Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat, Games of Karma (BDSM) Kaala etc.

Hiten also has a couple of movies in the pipeline. “The biggest challenge in cinema is to get a proper release. Big films occupy most Fridays, so there is a mad rush for what is left. As actors, we can’t say much. Today, promotional spending has to be huge. ‘ Many times, filmmakers shoot the film and then think of selling it.” 

“Most makers want to target the web, but OTT platforms have become smart today. They first want it released in theatre to save money if the film fails at the Box Office,” ends he