By Anil Merani| Sreejita De has denied any knowledge of her possible return to Bigg Boss as a wild card. Although she was the first eliminated contestant, online buzz suggests she might get a second choice.

“I have read a few such articles but have not received any such phone call.”

She blamed both Soundarya Sharma and Manya Singh for their ongoing fracas: “First, the so-called romance between Gautam Vij and Soundarya is fake. Adding to that, Soundarya keeps harping on the fact that she is a doctor hailing from a good family. All of us come from respectable backgrounds. She also keeps repeating that her parents are watching even our folk do the same. Why do you want to create a superiority complex making others feel low?

Shifting gears to Manya, Sreejita, felt that the latter should not have brought her outside grudges(as per Soundaraya, Manya Alost out a modelling assignment to her ) to the fore” And made references to Soundaraya’s character, alleging that she jumps beds.

Sreejita further added that Manya has no locus -standi to stay in the house. She has zero contribution except for fighting with Soundarya. She might get away this week as there seems to be no elimination due to the Diwali festivities, says this Udaan gal who will soon marry her foreigner guy.

“I contributed more. You could see that I was more active in house discussions and actions.” ended she

Sreejita, we hope you come back to BB soon. We liked you in the house.