Showbiz is all about fashion and what is trending. Celebs style and others copy. Their clothing, makeup, hair do, accessories and even their shoes is under scanner of fashion pundits. Just ShowBiz asked celebrities few questions about fashion, trends, their habits and what are their picks. Here’s what handsome  Vikram Singh Chauhan shares his secret to remain trendy. 


What fashion means to you?

Fashion to me is anything which is comfortable and I don’t have to think a lot about it.

What would you like to wear when you go out casually?

A printed casual shirt and white trouser. 

Which color best describes you?

The colors best describes me will be Sky Blue, Black and Gray. 

Do you remember how many pair of jeans you have in your cupboard?

I guess I have 10-11. 

What will be your choice for friend’s party?

If I go to a friend’s party, I may be wearing white shirt and sky blue jeans. I want to casually dress up for a party. I don’t want to wear fitting suits unless it’s a formal party like Award functions..

Are you a brand person?

Definately, I am. I believe in investing in good wear than buying local stuff because I don’t shop too much. It’s like once in two months. So, I prefer picking all good brands. 

Do you dress to look unique or to fit in?

I dress to fit in. 

Have you ever bought some thing which may not be your choice but it’s trending?

Yeah, I bought loafer shoes which I didn’t used to like much but I got it.

Do you follow fashion trends and international fashion?

I do follow. 

What is one thing that readers would be surprised to read about you?

I wear very normal clothes. If somebody catches me in street, they will say, “aray isne kya pahan rakha hai”. I think they will be surprised to see because I don’t think about what I am wearing. Whatever I get in my hand, I wear it and move out of house. 

People will think that he comes on TV and he is supposed to be dressed stylishly but that is not me.   

Who is your favorite fashion icon?

I like Shahrukh Khan and Arjun Rampal with the way they carries themselves in whatever they wear.