Sandiip Sikcand speaks on his new shows and falling in love.

1. You seem to be running a packed schedule vis a vis production; can we expect a few announcements soon?

Yes, please expect them very soon. A new Marathi show will be announced in April. I am busy with the pre production and casting of that show. It is going to be a show one really should look forward to. It has a very unique cast with some real senior actors from the industry and stage in that show, so I am really excited about it. Another show gets announced in May, while there are other shows across other platforms that i am going to announce soon.

2. Your take on reality shows, and can we expect to see you in any?

I think reality shows are becoming more fictional from what I get to see, but if it is a good reality show in tune with my thinking and my ideologies, then I would love to take it up. Never say never. You may never know what comes by and what one lands up saying yes to.

3. You as an actor have been as passionate about it as you have been about producing; do you think this year will mark projects as an actor for you as well?

As an actor, I would love to do some work with characters that match my age. This is a message to The Universe to get me some good acting projects. I shall definitely take it up. If not producing, it keeps my plate rather full, but yes, acting will always be my first love.

4. Which one do you enjoy more, acting or producing, and if you had to choose one, what would it be ?

Both of them have their merits and give me a high, but deep within, I enjoy acting more. I feel it is my first love and something that satiates me completely.

5. Getting a little personal what are the qualities you would want in your partner, and is Sandiip single or dating?

Sandiip Sikcand has been single for time immemorial, and by the looks of things, it seems like its going to be so for a while, which I hope not, but if I were to speak of qualities in my partner, I am not expecting the earth, moon, and stars. I need somebody to be with me for the person I am and not the job that I do. I need to meet someone who is genuine and not for work benefits, who understands me, someone who has a good sense of humor, and someone who is caring and trustworthy.

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