Mahek Chahal is seen in Naagin 6. Actress is happy grabbing the opportunity. She had an amazing experience getting playing both positive and negative shade in the show. Check out full IV here:

How does it feel to gain so much popularity for Naagin?

I feel extremely lucky to be apart of such a popular and stressful show. My character gave me a chance to play both a positive and negative role. That’s a wonderful experience for a actor.

 What next for you?

 As a actor any type of platform to perform is always an amazing experience. But I have tried my hands in most of them besides Webseries. Looking forward for that Also nw.

 Are you open to OTT and films as well of you feel TV gives you a high?

Any type of platform to perform gives me a high. I started my career with movies. Naagin6 was my first big tv show. But I can’t wait to have the sake fun experience with OTT platforms .

What is the real Mahek like?

  Like Coconut! Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

We heard you moved to Goa have you moved base back to Mumbai?

 I had moved to Goa during covid. I felt it was a good chance for me to be one with nature there. Goa is beautiful. But nw since things have gone back to normal circumstances I’m very much staying in mumbai and busy with my career here in mumbai.

 Things on your bucket list?

1. Get a opportunity to work with sanjay Leela Bhansali. 2. Bag pack in Europe alone for 3-4 months . 3. Get a tattoo. 4. But my dream house. 5 open a foundation for rescuing animals.

One thing we shall never catch Mahekk doing?

8. Animal cruelty