By Anil Merani: Neetu Wadhwa, the talented actress who plays the role of Prabhjyot,, in Star  Plus show  Teri Meri Doriyaan, is excited about the personal growth she has experienced in this role. She feels she has developed a strong rapport with both Vijayendra Kumerai and Himanshi Parashar. As a result, they have become good friends. Neetu says, “I have built the character from scratch, and I have received appreciation from the writers and the audience for my efforts. Even the channel has shown their appreciation for my storyline.”

Neetu expressed her gratitude towards her co-star Shailesh Gulabani, who plays Hansraj, for the remarkable on-screen chemistry they share. Their fans have even given them the nickname “prabraj,” which signifies a beloved on-screen couple. Neetu remarks, “This recognition from our audience encourages and motivates us to continue delivering exceptional performances.” says Neetu who has done shows like Raja Ki Aaayegi Baraat, Lagi Tujh Se Lagaan and Kumkum Bhagya etc

 In addition, Neetu thanked the producer Rajesh Ram Singh and Pradeep Kumar for casting her and giving her a strong role. She admits that both producers have motivated her to elevate her performance. Cockcrow & Shaika Entertainment is one of the best production houses in the country, and Neetu feels proud to be a part of their team.

The director has given overwhelmingly positive feedback not only about Neetu’s performance but also about her professionalism and ability to work effectively with the team. This reflects her unwavering commitment to the project’s success.

Neetu, being a Punjabi, is familiar with the language and culture of the state where the show is based. She helps her fellow actors understand the nuances of the language. Additionally, she mentioned that many young kids on the set spend their free time in her room, which has a serene atmosphere where she plays religious hymns.

 Neetu aspires to continue delivering exceptional work in films, TV, and the web. Her desire for growth is not only professional but also personal. She humbly prays to God to guide her on this journey, always remaining grounded. Her optimism for the future is truly inspiring.