Moradabadi model Farman Haider is enjoying playing Nityam in Saavi Ki Saavari.  He has also done Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Kabhi Nahi and Kasuati Zindagi Kay. We had a quick Whatsapp chat with Farman on his short career and the show

  1. You are new to the industry; did you have difficulty making your place?

Many difficulties came and it comes everywhere in every field, But we know how much capacity we have inside. I knew that hard work would pay off. I ve seen a lot of rejections, bcz i was brand new in the tube , i didn’t know anything I had never taken a workshop, and I have not gone to the theatre, so yes quite difficult for me, but now i m used to and enjoying

2. How did the first role happen to you?

 I did a very short cameo in the show Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Kabhi Nahi, which was on Zee TV that too because of auditions

3. Why acting?

– I did not want to become an actor, I was applying and my focus was on civil service bcz i have studied LLB…

But my parents wanted me to become an actor and I still don’t know when I came to Mumbai and became an actor; maybe it was my destiny.

4. What made you say to yes to the role of Nityam?

When I heard about the character of Nityam , I liked it very much and immediately said yes ,Something different was unique and I felt that I can do this character very well which is challenging for me for which it will be fun to learn

5. Daily soaps are said to be hectic, how you fetch ‘me time’?

– i don’t want me time i just want work work work and more work accordingly to me hard work pay off i just want work only

6. Do you take your character home?

– Yes I often get carried away by feelings and may even mumble in my sleep at night.

7: How do you connect with your present role?

– There are many things that I can connect with the present role. Anger , fun , smile , waqt ki kadar, and  peso ki kadar we r like same.