THE ‘MAFIA’ on-screen is one of the most calm and composed person off-set. You just don’t want to end the call when Rrhaul Sudhir is talking. In a recent interview with us we found the actor is full of energy. Soon, after the pack up we caught him for the chat and the way he answered us and was enduring throughout the conversation; the actor really gave us another reason to adore him more.

In this in-depth interview actor talked about what he is feeling seeing show getting the acceptance from the masses, his bond with his co-stars, and more!

1.Vansh Rai Singhania is winning the heart of the audiences’; we would like to know what homework you did to bring life to the character?

Homework was working on the voice, a little bit of body language, a few references to what we are really looking forward to Vansh.

2.You played the character of gynecologist and currently seen in the character of tough business tycoon; which amid the both you found challenging to perform?

Not Tycoon ‘I am playing ‘Mafia’. Well, every role is challenging at the end of the day. There is nothing which is not challenging and to compare roles to say this one is slightly more or slightly lesser challenging; it will be a little unfair. The biggest challenge is to make it more entertaining; that is the biggest challenge especially when the story is not supporting u at times. Still, Dr. Vedant was a little tougher.

3.You first did web series and then landed in the Television world; share your experience working with both the mediums?

I think the biggest experience is to understand that; one medium is very finite you shoot a month or two and you finish that show and you conclude it. Another thing is infinite you don’t know what to expect, what will happen next and how the story will proceed so in that case Television is more challenging.

4.What is that one thing which excites you to take up the role?

Anything; just the money!

5.Any dream role you are still looking for?

To be honest I don’t have any dream roles. I think whatever you do is a dream life because I think acting in itself is very dreamy. Whatever role is yours it’s a dream role only because you have come here to become an actor and you are getting a work is dreamy enough! But if I have to specify than dream roles will be working with dream directors, with good dop’s, good crew, and good story.

6.Do Vansh and Rrahul share any similarities or both are poles apart?

Off-course both are poles apart. There is no way that can be a similarity between Rrahul and Vansh.

 7.In Ishq Mein Marjawan, Vansh is seen playing basketball and Rrahul Sudhir himself is a Basketball champion; so is the scene co-incidental or you deliberately suggested it to the makers?

I was playing the basketball tournament when somebody from the production called me. I missed their call and when called them back I learned I am hired for Marjawan. Person asked me where you have been? And I told them I was playing the basket ball tournament and that clicked the makers, as they wants to show something Vansh does apart from the business so, they added BasketBall into it.

8. How much you enjoy performing basket ball scene in the show?

It is my favorite! I enjoy performing it.

9. Show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 is getting a positive response from the audience’s, how much it means to you?

It means a world to me. I worked very hard for it and not just me everybody else worked very hard for this. It means everything. I have devoted the entire way to my work so if the masses like it I feel so happy.

 10. In the show VR mansion is full of ladies; tell us your equations with the girls?

There are some very beautiful women in the show starting from Helly. Then, there is my sister Chandani, my mother Khalida and my Chachi Neetu; it’s like we share a great rapport. We were like a family. But because of the lockdown we can’t catch up like a family as, not all artists are present on the same day. But before lockdown, we used to get so crazy that director’s sometimes have to scold all of us to get into us into the place.

11. Share few words about your co-stars Helly Shah & Vishal Vashishtha?

About Helly: She has finally started getting my jokes as earlier she used to say ‘Kya Kya’ (he laughs). But that was pretty cute. And now she understands and laughs wholeheartedly and tries to be funny too. I think we are also discovering each other every day. We are discovering each other’s nature, what we like and not? Steadily we are exploring each other’s personality. Every day is very good and I feel very warm whenever she is around. She is very calm and cozy personality, very sweet girl and it is very nice and sweet working with her.

Than Vishal; he is buddy, he is a dude you can just chat up with him. Because of Covid issues happened but before that we have turned crazy. He is like a bro very chilled out and extremely intelligent. With Vishal you can talk on any range. You can talk on dumbest thing on the earth and you can talk about the most intricate thing on the planet earth; that range Vishal has. We had the most fun. I just wish this Covid to get over so that we can go outdoors and shoot together.

12. How Lockdown situation affected your lifestyle?

It didn’t affect my lifestyle because I don’t have any life-style. There was no style for sure, there was just only life! I didn’t do much I was just in the bed and maximum I go out to fetch basic necessities and utilities.

13. What new you learnt during lockdown phase? What one thing you missed being lockdowned at home?

I was just binge watching NetFlix whole day and was working on my voice.

What I missed is the lack of thoughtlessness in my brain and body.

14.So far your favorite scene from the show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2?

My favorite scene so far would be the entry when he comes off from cruise boat and he goes to the diamond smuggling meeting; I think that will be my favorite scene. I loved shooting that. Also car spinning scene.

15. Message for the Fans!

“Thank You each and everyone who is switching ON the television at 7 PM and watching the show. It means so much to me; it means a world to me. I worked really hard and when I see it does well and everybody is watching it I get a lot of joy. I just want to thank each and everyone who is watching it and my love to all of them.”

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