By Anil Merani| Shrishti Singh is excited about her TV debut with Star Plus show Chashni.  “Lovely and sweet Roshni loves her sister and her folks; she will do what it takes for them.”

 “However, an exciting twist happens when I become my younger sis’s (Amandeep Sidhu )  mother-in-law. For me and the audience, it is a new and surprising concept. However, there are firm reasons for this unique situation. “

“One of the main reasons for saying yes was that, as an actor, I should try out everything. I can learn a lot from this grey character, says she.

” I always wanted to do TV as a child; being fascinated by this beautiful and visually rich media, I tried my hands at acting as a child. Still, I could not do much being busy with my studies. I decided to give it another chance when I grew up.”  Says this former cabin crew turned actor Shrishti, who has done one web series and a few commercials

 “Tv is quite challenging. At first, I found the 12-hour shifts very gruelling. My body also was not used to so much strain. It took me a while to adjust to the tv work culture, but now, I am beginning to get into the groove.

 At times, I also carry heavy emotions home, having lived them for hours.”

 She is having great fun with Amandeep Sidhu, who plays her sis and main lead. “We fight on screen but connect very in real life.”