Star Plus famous show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum to end in the month of March!

Star Plus’s popular daily received instant praise with its interesting and refreshing storyline. The twists and turns in the show gripped the audiences’ interest. Recently, in the show Rohit learned that not Sonakshi but his aunt Nishi is the real villain of his family. He threatens her to expose her in front of Sippy mates. But Nishi frighten Rohit saying she will harm his father and Sonakshi.

Hearing Nishi, Rohit breaks his ties with Sonakshi to protect her from Nishi. And recently, Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum took the jump of 4 months. Post leap Rohit and Sonakshi’s tashan was refreshing to watch. Viewer’s found the plot interesting and enjoying the fresh storyline with RONAKSHI centric tracks. But all of the sudden news of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum going off air shocked the loyal viewers of the show.

Fans thought it is just the rumor but show producer Sandiip Sikcand confirmed the news to the leading daily and quoted “Sadly the news is true. We are all distraught.”

Soon after the Sandiip Sikcand’s statement was out disheartened with the news loyal fans trended online and pleads the channel and producer to save the show.  Under the hastag #ExtendKHKT fans poured the tweets and requests not to end the show as along with that they will lose their favorite Jodi RONAKSHI too.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum fans are making an effort to save the show but low TRP of the show is the main cause for the show end. Seeing the trend we contacted show lead Karan V Grover who plays the character of Dr.Rohit Sippy in the show to know more about show going off-air and his feeling about fans showering love for the show by trending #ExtendKHKT.

We asked Karan;  “hi, we would like to know your reaction on ending of KHKT since fans are trending otherwise for an article. #ExtendKHKT is trending on twitter by fans. Let me know when can we call you or plz send us voice notes or a text on whatsapp. Ty.”

To which Karan V Grover replied and said that he too is in shock after learning about the sudden decision. And also appreciated fans effort for saving the show.

He says “ I’m taken a back with this sudden decision.

I thank everyone who trends us with #ExtendKHKT .. i appreciate the love and feel lucky to be recognised for the efforts”

Well, even the actors are stunned with the sudden decision of show going off-air. Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum was really a breath of fresh air in the era of supernatural shows and saas-bahu plots.

Shoot your comments in the comment box if you too think the show don’t deserved sudden exit. Tell us how much you all are going to miss the show.

Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode Rohit will save Sonakshi from the film producer who spiked Sonakshi’s drink with a hidden motive.

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