#Exclusive :- My fans are the ones who have done it :- Vivian Dsena

TV hunk Vivian Dsena was ranked 2nd on Asjad Nazir 50 sexiest men list of to be the first Indian male and the first TV actor on the list preceding names that topped the list last year like Shahid Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and Zyan Malik.

The Indian dashing star who started his career with modeling then shifted his career to acting proved that it’s not only about good looks, and day after day, he made himself a huge fan base that is incredibly increasing, after 11 years in showbiz the ground he is standing on became firmer and harder because as he says it’s the outcome of Fans love which is the greatest gift bestowed upon him, here what he said on this occasion…

1-How do you feel about being the 1st Indian TV actor to be ranked as the 2nd sexiest man in Asia and the 1st Indian male on the list ?!

* It feels great thanks to my fans who have made Vivian Dsena the sexiest Asian Indian and a name most importantly. I cant thank them enough and they always surprise me even though I hate surprises, I love the kind of surprises they give me always. Thanks for voting day and night for us to Achieve this position. Cheers to All The VDians

2- Is this going to be a motivator for you to keep up your fitness and work more on your look?!

*I have already started working on it a month back post injury, but due to the severity of the injury I’m still in recovery stage but working on my fitness along with the same.

3-You still consider yourself not sexy after all of this?!

*No I don’t, I have my own flaws and I’m aware of them, working on them. Humans should never stop improving and learning.

4-What’s your special recipe to keep on the list for years on a raw ?!

*My fans are the ones who have done it for years and never want to give up, my kind of ideology, NEVER GIVE-UP;I’m just a hardworking actor and I’m not a so bad Human-Being.

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