By Anil Merani: Farman Haider is a well-known figure in the television industry. He has worked on popular shows like Saavi Ki Sawari and is now returning to Colors with Khubsurrat, a highly anticipated romantic drama. Produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment, the show’s telecast date and time slot are yet to be announced due to the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL).

In Khubsurrat, Farman plays a character Vihan that is different from the usual male leads on TV. He is not rich and arrogant, but has a unique personality. The show is set in Mumbai and revolves around a love triangle between Farman’s character, Yesha Harsora, and Twinkle Arora. When asked about his character, Farman prefers not to reveal much and suggests that viewers watch the show to find out more.

Farman is delighted to work with the Khubsurrat production house and its strong work ethic. He enjoys working long hours and appreciates the team’s dedication to delivering the best results. He also speaks highly of his previous work experience with Colors TV and producer Rashmi Sharma in Saavi Ki Sawari, Aaina – Roop Nahin, Haqeeqat Bhi Dikhaye, respectively.

When asked whether girls prefer snooty and arrogant men, as often portrayed in TV shows, Farman emphasizes the importance of being polite and down to earth, no matter how much one has achieved.

Reflecting on his career, Farman expresses his desire to work on a periodic or mythological show. He had previously attempted to play the role of Ramji in the Sony TV series Srimad Ramayan but was not able to secure the part. Despite being a seasoned actor, Farman believes that there is always more to learn and grow as an artist.