By Anil Merani| Seerat  Kapoor of Imlie fame is all set to enter Zee TV Muslim social Rabb Se Hai Dua post leap.

Seerat and Yesha Rughani will be the grown-up children of Dua( Aditi Sharma) and Ghazal (Richa Rathore). Both are shown pregnant in the show now. Dheeraj  Dhoopar will play the love interest in the love triangle.

“Learning about Muslim culture, looks, and mannerisms is fascinating. Also, as the promo shows, we are fighting for women’s rights within the Islamic fold, so we are also picking up information about PIL and civil code norms, “said Seerat  

Will your character be harmful, as in Imlie? “There is no label, as we try to make it as human as possible. Yesha and I are daughters who love their respective mothers and each other a lot. Although I have no clue what will happen, I am ready for any eventuality (trolling in case the character turns evil).”

Seerat is seeing Rabb Se Hai Dua’s current and earlier episodes to get up to speed with the show’s theme. “The makers( LSD Films) have created a strong story. Now, it is up to us to raise the bar with our execution,” says she 

“My character here is poles apart from rustic Cheeni; Mannat is a businesswoman (poise and sophistication). She wants to take her mother’s efforts to new heights,” she says.

Seerat enjoys working with both Dheeraj and Yesha. ” Established Dheeraj Sir is very funny. There is no dull moment around him. I spent most of my time with Yesha; we also had workshops. She is very charming. I have never met a gal like her before,” said she.

For Seerat, her debut TV show, Imlie, was a learning curve. ” I will put all I picked up during the above Star Plus show into action in Rabb. I learned that, given the daily format, we have to put the same level of energy into our character day in and day out. I have been fortunate to get great directors to teach me the ropes. Our current sir’s ( Yusuf’s) enthusiasm rubs off on all on-set,” she said.

As a budding artist, Seerat is learning to switch on and off. “But yes, it is a challenge, for first, we have to fully imbibe the character to do justice and then snap out once the director calls cut. If the character is very emotional, it also affects our psyche,” she ended.