Namit Khanna is the name of an extremely handsome and talented actor. He has won millions of hearts by his performance in his debut show Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai. Currently Namit is seen as lead of Siddharth P Malhotra’s Sanjivani on Star Plus opposite Surbhi Chandna and winning hearts of new fan base. In an exclusive interview with Just ShowBiz, he shares how his life has changed after Sanjivani, about his costar Surbhi, his gratitude towards his fans and more.


How has your life changed after Sanjivani?

“You are a dealer

in emotions.”

Life has changed in a sense that my routine has changed. I am waking up early, working approximately 12-13 hours a day, coming back home, taking care of myself. Since I live alone, I have to take care of household. On set you have to do so many different things things like taking care of hair , you have to look handsome all the time. I tried to workout on my sets though it’s not regularly possible. My mind’s work has increased and I love it. On sets, there is creativity required and I have to be alert every time. While shooting everyone has a different experience which they bring on set, there is lot to learn from each other. As an actor you are giving and your life is like an open book. You are a dealer in emotions. It might be exhausting sometimes but in a good way.

Do you think Sanjivani is turning point of your career?

I hope, so that people remember me as Dr. Sid and remember for decades and for generations to come. It’s too soon to tell whether its a turning point or not but I intend to make an impression that lasts long. I am working hard and trying to give my best. I am sure, if all goes well, it will be a turning point of my career.

After playing a doctor, does your opinion on doctors have changed?

I do have little more insight about how they deal and what they go through. To be honest, in the beginning of show, there were more medical cases so I was learning more but now it has changed to a love story. When I fall sick, when I am in pain obviously doctors are to the rescue. They are continuously serving with their knowledge and experience to help us heal. So, I always have huge respect for them.

“I always have huge respect for doctors. “

Your fans are drooling on your looks, do you want to share your secret?

My parents are my secret (laughs). I don’t want to brag about it but I know I am good-looking man. That’s why I am in this industry and was one the top model of this country over a decade. When you are in this industry, you take care of your skin, food, exercise routine. I try to do as much possible. That’s what everybody does, nothing much secret about it.

What qualities of Surbhi you like being a costar?

“Surbhi has an

encompassing energy.”

She is full of energy which she carry on sets. She has an encompassing energy. It’s great to have such person on sets who is always laughing and joking around. But at the samne time, she works hard. She is focused when we are working together doing our scenes. We keep our own space as two different individuals and give each other a space which is required. We work together to bring up the chemistry that we share onscreen. She does everything in best of her abilities.

Do you like the jodi name SidIsha which fans have given you?

“Fans are really

creative in their work”

It’s cool. It’s easier way to address two individuals together. I am now kind of used to of it. I really appreciate that fans are taking so much efforts and making edits and vms. I have seen few though not all but they are really creative in their work. It makes us understand that they are so happy to see us together. I think, that’s why they put so much effort. Honestly, sometimes their edits are better than real edits (laughs).

Fans are upset about the current, what do you want to say to calm them?

“Surbhi and me

are leads and

cannot be separated”

All I want to say is don’t loose heart as it’s just a TV show. The writers obviously are way more experienced and talented. They know what they are doing. They must have given thought to every angle before writing such a track. I know things are going to change. Obviously, we are leads so we cannot be separated. If it would have been so easy, then the show will end (laughs). The story will go through it’s journey like a life which is sometimes rough, sometimes easy but in the end we will be together.

What is more important to you, content driven finite series or long lasting series with less content?

Off course!! content driven. That’s what I ideally want to do. I wish to do a real good subject. You make fans laugh, you make them cry all because of a reason will be a perfect scene. I don’t mind short and sweet. I think my last Yeh Pyar Nahi Toh Kya Hai was written like that and I loved the way it was.

“I think

everyone is


You are a photographer too, who do you think amongst your Sanjivani costars has photogenic face/faces?

I am a travel photographer mostly doing landscapes. I am not much into fashion photography but if you ask me, I think everyone is photogenic as long they are not posing for me. It has to be natural in real environment.

Spill some secret about you for your fans.

I love dogs (laughs) and I really make good black coffee. I make my own coffee in morning.

Message to your fans.

Lots of gratitude from heart. Keep on watching the show. I am so overwhelmed with their love that I am speechless. I have never felt so special on my birthday the way this time. I am completely in lack of words for what they did for me. Thank you from the core of my heart. I really mean it.

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