Namit Khanna has made a name for himself from his first show on TV Yeh Pyar Nahi Toh Kya Hai. Now, he is coming back with much popular and most awaited show Sanjivani 2. The show is making a reentry in TV world after 17 long years and was a cult at that time. Namit talk to Just ShowBiz about how he is preparing for the show, his character and his co-star Surbhi Chandana. 

How Sanjivani 2 occur?

After Yeh Pyaar Nai Toh Kya Hai, I took a break and went to Ladakh. Our producer Sid sir, decided to reach out to me. Finally, when I came back to Mumbai, I met him. I auditioned couple of times for this role and then I was finalized in September 2018.

Tell us something about Surbhi’s addition to this show?

Surbhi is a fine actress.

After my finalization, 15-20 girls were auditioned for Surbhi’s role but none of them fits in shoe of Dr. Ishani. Later, makers and channel zeroed at Surbhi. Surbhi is a fine actress.  She can imitate multiple layers of her character with equal ease in all.  Later, we started shooting in June.

Do you think between these popular shows, Sanjivani 2 will be able to leave its mark?

There was no apprehension at all.  The show was successful in season 1 and regarded for its theme of medical drama.  However, for me it was a completely new project with a new story suiting present times. We are trying to make it as truthful for audience. The show is close to reality. With fresh cast and different story-line, things will be different and better. 

The name Sanjivani is like a brand in Indian TV show. Is this the reason for joining the team?

I felt an instant connection

with every member of team.

Agree!! Sanjivani is a brand in itself and has such a huge recall and amazing brand value.  There is none whom I have met don’t recall the show. Obviously, this gives me a big reason to be a part of this show. Another reason its when I met Sid sir and rest of the team. I felt an instant connection with every member of team.  I knew in my heart that these are the people with whom I want to work with. Third reason is, I get to play a doctor after playing a lawyer. Both are professions of high regard. I do not want to miss the opportunity for world.  

Do you feel the pressure by being part of a show which have prequels like Dill Mill Gayye and Sanjivani ? 

No pressure at all individually.  Its really good to be a part of a show that has worked in the past and has been a cult. However, I don’t think I have all the pressure, if any. The show is not my single handed effort. There is a team which includes my co-actors, creative team, producer, channel, director and other men working behind the camera.  Everybody is making a collective and equal effort to make this show a success. So, I think its a joint pressure on all. 

How will Sanjivani 2 be different from its prequel?

Sanjivani 2 is a full fledged

family show.

Our current edition of the show will have much more medical terms, procedures,  OT scenes with mix of drama, romance, thrill and comedy. There is something for everyone irrespective of their age and preferences. It’s a full fledged family show that people will enjoy watching together.  We are also getting really great insight about how things work nowadays in corporate hospitals and big medical institutions. Our makers are looking after the whole business aspect of a hospital.

We are also considering how certain patients are neglected because they cannot afford things. There is a lot going in the medical industry and our show will be able to throw some lights on it for sure. We hope to give our viewers something to take back through different episodes. We want them to learn. 

Explain Dr. Sid to us? 

Dr. Sid is like a Robinhood.

My character Dr. Sid in the show is multi layered character. He is a savior of the poor people who cannot get their treatment because of money.  He is like a Robinhood. Therefore, his character is flawed because he takes from rich with the intention of benefiting poor. He is quiet an emotional person. He is righteous in his own sense. 

His connection with his mother is like “end all and be all”. He is sole bread earner for his family and man of the house from very young age. So, that makes him a very strong person since responsibilities starts at very early stage in his life. 

Since this show is second season coming after 17 long years, comparisons are bound to happen. How do you take it? 

I am always open and happy to have positive or negative feedback from people. It will help me to refine my flaws. I would urge viewers watching  to send their feedback. Regarding comparisons, I don’t think it would be fair because Sanjivani and Dill Mill Gayye were hit shows in their times. They had their own references to that period.  It’s 2019 and this is a complete new version of the show.  There is nothing that we are continuing from last show in terms of the story except couple of characters.  In 2019, time is more advance in terms of technology and medical techniques and procedures. The show will be more close to reality.

Your styling is very appreciated for a doctor, tell us your secret.

Shivani chose a rugged

kind of look for me.

My styling in show is done by Shivani who is stylist of the show.  She chose a rugged kind of look for me.  At the same time she has given me semi casuals because I am a doctor who does not follow all the rules.  In hospital, most of the time he is wearing white coats with Stethoscopes. He carries off minimal accessories and comfortable with it. 

Is it coincidence or your choice for repeating name Siddhant in this show too?

I think it’s a huge coincidence.  I played Siddhant Sinha, the lawyer in my previous show. Now I am playing Siddhant Mathur, the doctor again.  Initially, I was told that the name is Siddharth but then writers corrected and told me it is Siddhant.  

Nevertheless, Dr Sid is nowhere close to Siddhant, the lawyer. He is more carefree, lies and bends rules for good. He is a rulebender. 

Spill some beans about your co-star Surbhi Chandna.

She’s funny, she’s caring,

she’s full of respect and

ready to  learn.

It’s a real pleasure working together. We both are different individuals with different personalities. Through this show we are actually getting to know each other. Of course!! She is a ball of energy and bouncing like a ball all the time (laughs). She’s funny, she’s caring, she’s full of respect and ready to  learn. Surbhi asks lot of questions about every scene we do which really helps us to figure what exactly what is expected from the scene.  It enhances the performance in the scene every time. And she loves food like me.  We are not much indulging at this point of time, but one day when we do, I will be able to spill some more beans about her. 

What message you wish to give to your fans and audience waiting for the show?

I just like to say ki aap please humara show dekhe barah august ko saade saath baje shamko Monday to Friday on star plus aur hotsar pe. Enjoy the show with your family, your friends, your pets, your neighbours. This show will bring back your childhood memories and make some fresh ones with 2019. Give your love to the new cast the way you have given to previous ones. We would love to get your feedback. If we are unable to answer, please don’t be disheartened because we are working continuously. Thank you for the support that you people have given us till now, and we hope the same in future. 

Sanjivani 2 is starting from Monday to Friday from 7:30 pm on Star Plus. Do watch the show. Do give your views in our comment section below. Let’s Get Bizzin!!