Namit Khanna is back in Sanjivani after a short break of six days. Post leap today will the first day when his character will be shown in episode. We asked Namit about how he enjoyed his break, his coming back, how his character will shape up post leap and more in a small chat.


How was your temporary break?

“I make the best of my break”

I wasn’t even aware that I am getting a break. My weekly off got extended to six days. I took the opportunity to catch up some friends and people whom I was longing to meet from long time but wasn’t getting time. I went to studio, gym for a break and relaxed. I used to wake up and sleep at my leisure hours, spent whole week relaxing. Pata hi nahi chale ek hafta kab chala gaya. Honestly, I never thought of getting a break. In fact, if I would have known earlier then I would have gone on a trip or to meet my family. Anyhow, I make the best of it.

From which day we can see you on-screen?

From today’s episode my character reenters in Sanjivani. My face will be shown on a stretcher but Dr. Sid is not conscious.

Will there be any change in your characterization post leap?

I don’t know. Makers have not told me anything of that sort. Writers are writing and CVs and makers are deciding. I come to know in the end that what I have to do.

However, once I’ll come back I’ll be in unconscious state for around 10 days or so. Dr. Ishani will be entrusted by her husband to cure me. Gradually, I come out of coma and have no idea with whom she is married. Once this will be disclosed to me the things will take different turn which is unknown to me.

How is backstory of your character shaping up?

My backstory is not decided yet. Whether my character is in US or in India and how this accident happened is still not be told to me.

“Certain changes

happen everywhere

so on Sanjivani sets too.”

How do you feel coming back to the sets?

There was not much of a gap. There are lot more changes in the characters who haven’t seen before in show. I haven’t spend much time on sets apart from script. As I have joined yesterday so gradually I’ll see what is going on sets. The show has taken a leap but on sets its more or less the same. Certain changes happen everywhere so here too.

How is the interaction with Gaurav and do you feel a sense that you are not the only male lead?

I don’t have such feeling because at the end of the day we all are working. So, I don’t think that there will be any difference. Knowing him personally, I get an opportunity to work with him and I am looking forward for it. In fact, it will be good that screen space will be shared by so many characters so my burden will be reduced.

“At the end of the day we all are working”

Obviously, the story line has changed so more characters are bound to come. SidIsha will be together which eventually will happen. But to get there characters have to pass through many hurdles and obstacles.

I am not that kind of person who feel such things that I am not the only lead. I am here to do my work and I am doing that. I am happy about it. I am sure that channels, writers, producer and CVs know what is best for the show. I don’t think they are also bothered about such things. It’s a business for them and a job for us.

“I am here to do my work and I am doing that.”

Do you feel upset that the story line has shifted and lost its originality?

Definitely yes! I mean tracks keep changing and there was no consistency so as a human it was bit upsetting at first which I felt. We work on a character build up and suddenly everything changes. Excitement kind of goes away. One thing you do happily and one thing you do because it’s your job, that’s the difference. I have shared my feelings to my creative head too but I was told nothing major is going to be changed with the character. When you stop having fun with your job, you lose interest. But I having my time on sets in my room. I do things which I love doing it like playing guitar etc.

Also, I realize ITV world works like this. Having said that, I also feel that makers knows best how to shape a story line and what will work with audience.

What do you wish to say to your fans as they are worried about your character?

I just want to say to them that there is nothing to worry. They all have constantly supported me and I appreciate all the love and support they have given me. Meanwhile, I want to request them that not to indulge in any fights on social networking sites. Being negative about it has no value. It’s a fictional story and they should take it as it is. There is nothing real and they don’t need to get serious about it.

“Being negative and possessive about fictional characters has no value.”

If they wish to stand up for something, then they should raise their voice for something which has value. Stand up for injustice, for your country or for environment. Don’t take Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani so seriously that they can change your life.