Shrenu Parikh needs no introduction. This versatile actress is capable of emoting any character on screen whether positive, comedy, dramatic or grey shade. She is beautiful, talented and busy. Her acting is top notch but as a citizen of India she is very involved with current affairs and politics. She regretted when she failed to vote because of her shooting schedule. (Please read our exclusive interview)

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Yesterday, as Exit Polls of all news channels predicted, the BJP and its allies got a huge victory.  They got 352 seats in total in which BJP alone received 300+ seats. After this massive victory of BJP and its allies, we asked the actress about her opinion from the upcoming government. She says, “I would like to say to soon to be formed government that people have shown the trust again on you. They have voted in their favour. So, I hope the government won’t let us down. I hope to see our nation progress and reach new heights under BJP governance.”

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Every citizen has some expectations with the government. We asked Shrenu about what she as an actor expects from government. She replied, “As an actor I would want government to act upon subsidies for regional cinema. Regional cinemas need a boost up as they good in content. They should also work upon actors getting royalties from the shows just like over seas. “

Ek Bhram, Sarvgunn Sampann is her new show as Jhanvi on Star Plus. Her role is grey shade bahu and she is rocking in this role.

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