Whenever we think of summer, the first thought which flashes in our minds is a season of perspiration, dehydration and fever. However, that is the worst part. Contralily, best part consist of icecreams, cold drinks, holidays and air conditioners. For a celeb, it’s easy to enjoy the best part but simultaneously, they are the ones who face the worst part most. They work under scorching sun with their energy full everyday. Correspondingly, they have to look in their best with heavy makeup and jewelries. We asked gorgeous Shrenu Parikh from Ek Bhram Sarvgunn Sampann about her likes of summer and how she cope up the heat on and off sets.

What is your favourite color/prints for summer to wear?

I like floral prints. In colours, normally I wear white, blue, green but my all time favorite is yellow.


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What is your favourite drink to quench your thirst in this heat?

Without any doubt, it is Aam Pannah. It keeps me healthy and hydrated. 

What more you do to keep yourself hydrated?

(Chuckles) It’s hard for me to remember every time. So, I have told spot dada to keep reminding me every hour to drink plenty of water.

What make tips you give for summer parties?

See, its a season when perspiration is high. Therefore, I want to keep minimal makeup. My tip is to apply little bit of foundation, little bit of powder, mascara and lipstick, that’s it.

What kind of clothes you prefer in your closet for summer?

I like shorts and cottons. 

Summer is season of fruits with high water content, which one is your favourite?

Mangoes specially Alphonso. I do eat others too but basically all kinds of mangoes are in my bucket list. 

Tips to stay healthy in summers.

Drink lots of water and eat fresh fruits. 




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