Sourabh Raaj Jain is one the most versatile actors of Indian Television. He showcases some of which are extreme roles like divine Krishna to cruel Dhananand and few modern ones as well. What is important to note is that he aced in each one of it. In an exclusive interview with Just ShowBiz Sourabh talks about his various roles, his new venture in Patiala Babes and more.


Since you are playing a chef, what all can you cook?

I am honestly not much of a cook, as cooking has never been my forte. Though when I first moved to Mumbai and was living a bachelor’s life, I did learn the basics of cooking, so I can just about ‘cook to survive’. 

You are playing a modern character after many years, how is it different than playing historic/mytho ones?

I have in the past portrayed a variety of different modern characters in shows like Remix, Uttaran and Parichay and now after a long gap I am going to be seen doing something very different in Patiala Babes which I am quite excited about! It of course is very different from a mythological role, as that is more of a costume drama and related to history and historical facts, whereas normal roles are more character oriented and can be worked and altered upon depending on how that particular character is shaping up as well as how the audiences are liking the character as well.

“I am going to be seen doing something very different in Patiala Babes”

People are talking about age gap between you and Ashnoor Kaur, what do you want to say about them? 

I honestly don’t feel that an age gap should really matter while working on the show, as at the end of the day we are actors, portraying our respective roles in this profession, and it is the way we portray the role that eventually matters! 

Patiala Babes’ viewers are loyal to their favourite character played by Anirudh Dave, do you think it will be hard for them to accept a new male lead? 

My character again is going to be seen in the show post the leap, bringing in a fresh start to his entry. So he is going to be a totally new face for the viewers, with his own backstory about his life as well bringing in something new to the ongoing track in the show. Hence I don’t see this being anything similar to the present faces in the show, and I am sure the audiences are going to like this freshness that my character Neil Oberio is all set to bring into Patiala Babes. 

How is working with Ashnoor? Do you both have understanding between yourselves as a co-actor?

I have just begun shooting for Patiala Babes a few days ago, and I am yet getting to know Ashnoor and the rest of the cast and crew as well, but they have all been very friendly, helpful and hospitable towards me which made the first few shoot days a very comfortable experience for me. 

From Remix to Patiala Babes, how do you see your journey?

The entire journey has been an amazing experience of a lifetime for me! From getting a golden opportunity to play some of the most iconic mythological roles to being part of one of the most loved youth shows of all time, Remix and even experimenting with a negative shade on screen, and participating in my first ever reality show,  I feel that I have been able to showcase a lot of versatility in regards with the work I have put out there! And I am extremely happy and proud of all that I have been able to achieve in this journey. 

“The entire journey has been an amazing experience of a lifetime for me”

Please share the first reaction of your mother and wife when you gave them the news that you will be playing a chef in your next. 

My mother has in fact been following the show right from the beginning, and she is quite fond of the entire concept and all the characters in it, so she was of course very happy to know that I am now going to be a part of it too! Ridhima also was very happy to see me getting into a show which is currently sending out the message of empowering women!