By Anil Merani| Reena  Kapoor of  Woh Mehlon Mein  Rehne  Wali fame is enjoying her new  Star  Bharat show,  Aashao Ka Savera…Dheere Dheere Se. “The concept of widow empowerment  is  beautiful and solid.”

“Bhavna has just lost her husband but not her dreams. Society feels she has no right to be happy once her hubby is no more. Through this concept, we want the world to accept that just because one person is dead does not mean that the wife is also no more; she has a right to life till she dies. “

We thought all this was a thing of the past.

 “I, too, felt the same given my protective background, but once I started shooting, the people around me started telling me their sad tales, confident of getting an ear. I was shocked. Taking advantage of vulnerable women is common in India and worldwide; it is pretty sad but true.”

 Reena, who also has done other shows like Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki and RadhaKrishn, is quite happy with her career, “God has given me more than I expected.”

 “After  Woh  Rehhon  Wali, Dheere Dheere Se. is the closest to my heart. I will say more because I have matured as an actor since then.”

  She is also happy that TV  times have changed and mature women are getting their due on desi tube.

“As we have just started, I am still determining the popularity, but this show has given me much to play as an actor. The graph is enormous. “

Reena says about her co-star, ” Rahil Azam is  a happy-go-lucky guy who keeps the atmosphere light.”

 In closing, she says, ” While I might try to challenge my fear in  Khatron ki, Khiladi mind game-like formats like  Bigg  Boss are not my cup of tea.”