Interview by Anil Merani| Show Woh Toh Hai Albela is high on emotion these days. Sayuri was happy for her wedding with Chiru, less she was knowing that her happiness is short live. Everyone is excited for Chiru and Sayuri’s wedding. The happiness turned into a shock when Kanha and Chiru met with an accident. Chiru’s character dies in the show. Is this the end of Anuj Sachdeva’s role in the show? Well, our team spoke to Anuj who was playing Chiru in Rajan Shahi show to know more. Read out few parts from this exclusive chat with the hunk. Don’t forget to check full IV below!

Talk about your character?

Chiru is the only character in the show who can emotionally connect with the audience. To move the story forward this character has to sacrifice- Anuj Sachdeva

What you have to say on your exit?

Anuj Sachdeva confirmed that his stint isn’t yet over in the show. Chiru still has an important element to play in the show. He will be shown in the flashback.

Actor cherished his journey in the show. He bonded well with Shaheer Sheikh and with the whole unit on the sets of Woh Toh Hai Albela.

When asked how covid lockdown affected lifestyle?

Anuj revealed that covid brought the changed in everyone’s life. Even entertainment industry has changed a lot. Kitchen politics can’t work now and producers have opened their thinking to bring the newness.

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Tell us if you all will miss Anuj aka Chiru in Woh Toh Hai Albela?

On story front, Kanha will be accused for Chiru’s death. How he will handle his life without Chiru will be interesting to watch ahead.

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