Jia Mustafa on joining Mangal Lakshmi and more.

1. We hear you have joined the Mangal Lakshmi show; what prompted you to take it up?

Yes, Mangal Laxmi seemed like the perfect show for me because I was looking at doing a powerful, negative, and impactful role. I always gravitate towards parts that are a bit complex and tricky, and Saumya gave me the perfect platform to play around and come up with something new and intriguing.

2. You have been in the industry since a while now. If you were to call out one or two friendships that are really strong, with whom would they be?

I’m lucky to have made quite a few strong friendship rights from the start. Mouni Roy is one of my closest friends and will always be someone I can count on. Omkar Kapoor is extremely close to me and will always be my go-to person.

There are also a few more from the cast of Pavitra Rishta and Ladies Special.

3. What next from Jia?

Hopefully a lot more ads, Ott shows, and, of course, a lot of me in Mangal Laxmi. I’m extremely open to every platform, and my priority is to keep working. I don’t really discriminate when it comes to TV, film, or OTT. I just want to keep doing quality work.

4. Do you think the industry has changed over the years ?

The industry has changed a lot over the years. I joined this world as a 90’s kid wanting to sing and dance around trees. We are now in a different zone. There is immense judgment and scrutiny.

Work is more professional, and there’s no scope for the kind of content we were fed while growing up.

Having said that, it’s a great time for actors, as there are a lot more opportunities and humongous scope to perform. Casting directors are also a lot more open to giving opportunities to actors from TV, ads, and even newbies.

I’m looking forward to showcasing my work on all platforms.

5. One thing that makes you say yes to a show and any OTT in the offing for you as that seems to be the route many actors are taking.

I have always picked shows that have given me scope to add layers to my character. Television doesn’t allow you to play around much, but I’ve been lucky to get parts that have always had various shades and have kept me invested and interested throughout the innings of the show. 

I have done a few OTT shows, and I am looking forward to doing more work very soon.

6. How is your equation with Naman and Deepika in the show and whom do you get along better ?

I’ve just started shooting and interacting with Naman and Deepika, but even in the limited time I’ve spent with them, I felt extremely comfortable with them. They were both extremely warm and welcoming, and I’m looking forward to working on this show with them. It’s very important to feel happy, comfortable and inspired on set. I’m glad we have a great team of actors on this show to keep the tempo up and the atmosphere positive.