#Exclusive TV celebs condemn Twinkle Sharma’s murder

Twinkle Sharma, a baby of two and half year old was been abducted, raped murdered barbarically in Aligarh 5 days back. Reportedly, her eyes gouged out, and acid was poured all over her body. Further, in postmortem, her private parts and intestines found missing. Simultaneously, on social media there is a growing demand for stringent justice for the accused. Our celebs too are speaking for quick justice. 

Kratika Sengar: 

It’s a heinous act. It is so evil that I cannot think of. The guilty should straight be sentenced to death or hanged till death. There is no other punishment for such dirty act. Such people are monsters and they should be given adequate punishment through law.

Pankhuri Awasthy: 

Using a 3 year old to take revenge is appalling to another level. It’s sad and I can only imagine the plight of the family. Something needs to be done urgently. Not only for case but for so many other cases too. Some of them we know and don’t know about. There is an urge for necessary action to be taken immediately.

Nyra Banerjee: 

Eyes gouged , raped and murdered just because her father couldn’t repay loan? Are they humans? What were they thinking ? They should expect same repercussion on themselves for this heinous crime . Sodomize them . Gouge their eyes and then stone them publicly. 

Aneri Vijan: 

Truly horrified and heartbroken to hear about the murder of baby Twinkle. If this continues, people will start losing faith in humanity. I hope that swift action is taken against the perpetrators. #JusticeForTwinkle

Please share your views about you wish to see her murderers punished. Do comment below. 

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